Branding: A good way to get some motivation… or a great way to waste time?

Is it any wonder I’m frustrated? I have such a huge drive to be creative right now. Just like any musician, audio-visual enthusiast I feel like it would be the most amazing thing to achieve success, recognition and maybe even financial reward for being creative.. but it’s hard with very little time and sleep.

I’m an amateur musician. I’m not a prolific musician by any means but I’m a solid bass player & rhythm guitar and I can keep time on percussion and in key on the piano at least. I produce music on PC using Reason and on iPhone with Figure and Take. I appear to be a Propellerhead fan-boy.

I love music in its many and varied forms and I really want to compose and produce sounds that people will love and share.

I have @HeyGoAudio as an online handle everywhere and I really want to start something with it…

So with my tiny amount of free time and all this drive to make music, what did I do??.. I decided to make-over all my social media outlets with new designs and a colour scheme that’s more simple and minimal — THATS WHAT!! How dumb is that? WHERE IS THE MUSIC JAMES???

Getting everything done (including medium) so that I can forget about it and focus on composing is a good thing, or so I thought at time.

I’ve spent most of my spare time this week creating an infinite amount of renders and arrangements of this design and now it’s done I really feel like I shouldn’t have bothered. This is just a great way to avoid the pressure of the creative process.

- Branding and design fascinate me.
- Video editing fascinates me
- Great musical composition moves me to the point of tears

… but I get stuck in this branding madness for no reason. What output do I have to ‘brand’ anyway?

I want my music to stand up alongside other artists, to be respected and accepted as finished ‘good’ songs or tracks. Audio that has emerged from a self-respecting source, that has ambition and a will to make the name go further — ultimately that’s what I really want. In reality branding puts so much more of an impersonal look and feel about any social media image and ensuing interactions — the better things look the more people expect when they click play or follow your link.

This is where Hipsters get it totally right. The understated and chaotic / random pictures was the only way to exceed expectations. Some random selfie eating an ice cream and then 50,000,000 followers and a kick ass song .. that’s living! Zero branding and seemingly effortless natural self-promotion and social media connections.

Is branding is a waste of time for any creative person who’s not being paid..? So all I need is a beard and hat and I’ll be a winner??

Conclusion: JUST “BE”.

Don’t try too hard. If you focus on what you want to achieve it will happen. If it doesn’t — you’ll find your place if you follow your instincts.

Branding to avoid creative frustration or writers block will just make you feel bad and probably make your next output less well received than ever.

I’m gonna stop procrastinating now.

Wish me luck. :(

PS: I did composed this loop this week, as well as wasting the remainder of the time branding. I plan to get very creative with full production on Reason and video too.

Hope you enjoy ‘Morning Breaks’ audio and thanks for listening.

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