A climb to the top

Sunday, started with the most brightest Sun from all the week. I woke up early in the morning and I watched the sun rise above the horizons. My friends had planned breakfast in an restaurant so I catch up with them at 8am in the morning. The Sun was already up at a good height and was starting to provide a good amount of heat. As soon we done with the breakfast, we all decided to move to the hill side for hiking up on the trails. Margallah hills are closer to my home, almost half an hour drive from my where I live. We reached there at almost 10am and started to climb up on the trail. We packed all the necessary things like water bottles, juices, chips and most importantly a pair of headphones.

The climb was easier at first, straight path with little bit of rocks. The track mentioned the distance to be 4km to Jabbi, a place high up on the hill, but God knows that it was roughly estimated. When we were almost at 2.5 km, the track was separated into two ways, one goes to right and one goes to left. There was a sign board according to which the distance to right track is the short cut and it reaches to the top point in 1.4 km and the left one is approximately 2.4km. We chose the short cut and there was hell lot of rocks in the way and slopes as steep as 60 degrees. The climb was really exhausting and I felt like giving up at multiple times. I saw some boys climbing down and I asked them how much distance is left and they said “it will still take you one more hour to the top”.

a view of the city from almost 6 km on the track

I checked the time on my wrist watch and it was 12:24pm, which means we are on the climb since 2 and a half hour. I increased the volume of the music and started to climb the slopes with all four of my limbs. There was a time when I almost collapsed because my legs were hurting so bad. I rested and waited for other friends to catch up. After almost another hour I finally felt something like there was some population. The grass were fresh green and there was no definite track which meant that not many people come this way quite often and I am a visitor after a long time.

I reached the top, there was a small village, consisting of only 3–4 houses made entirely of clay and woods. There was an old man there who greeted me and my closely catching friends with kindness. He asked his son to offer us water and we had a little chat.

This is a picture of me with the boy and the Baba G in the background.

“My name is Zubair,” said the boy “I am living here since birth. I go to the school in the village behind this valley, it is a big village with more houses than ours. We bring food and other stuff from their on the donkey ride. We have two dogs and a puppy for protection. We also have 4 goats and a cow for milk. The water is from the natural stream that comes from the top of the hill.”

After that the Baba jee offered us food. It was channa chawal, we insisted on not taking but he said, “I cannot leave my guests empty stomached.”

We leave the place, amazed by the kindness of the people. We chose the long route to climb down the hill and the boy said there is a stream there that you will find refreshing.

The time we reached the bottom it was almost 3pm. Thus it meant we have been on the track for 5 hours, that is a good time as per average. The distance that we had estimated to be around 8km in total and the villagers agreed with us. It was really exhausting but a fun adventure.