An Affordable City: Buffalo, NY

Spotlighting An Affordable City: Buffalo, NY

Perhaps you’re finally ready to put down your roots somewhere, but no one wants to settle down with a lot of expenses and the cost of living in many American cities is outrageous. Therefore, it’s important to your new home in a place that will be affordable, like Buffalo, NY. Unlike its more well known counterpart, New York City, this smaller upstate city is a much more practical selection for building a home. The median cost of rent remains just under $700, while the average mortgage is reportedly right below $1000. Not only does the city have a much lower cost of living than many others, but you will also find no shortage of things to do once you get there.


With an estimated population of just over 250,000, Buffalo won’t overwhelm you like one of the major cities. It manages to give off small town charm, without losing the feel of a larger city. And, despite being on the smaller side, this city possesses a vibrant culture all the same.


Described as a burgeoning mecca for the arts, Buffalo boasts a vibrant arts scene. The city hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. The Elmwood Festival of the Arts ( aims to provide a community for local artists, from craftspeople to musicians, and is known for its family oriented atmosphere. The Allentown Art Festival ( not only displays art pieces, but also provides a forum for visitors to meet artists. There is also a contest held that allows participants a chance to design the poster that will advertise the festival. Both events also serve to highlight the historical neighborhoods that host them.

The city is also home to a number of museums. You can view pieces by Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol at The Albert-Knox Art Gallery ( This museum displays a collection that is representative of art styles through the centuries, but is especially known for its compilation of post-war pieces. The museum continues to stay current in its representation of art through an active acquisitions program.

If you are interested in architecture, walk around noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House ( and get a feel for the architectural wonder known for its open plan and large size.


Buffalo is actually praised for its unique architecture. While many American cities are filled with dilapidated structures, this city is filled with 20th century architecture that has been painstakingly maintained over the years. Buffalo is also home to seven landmarks designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, such as the Graycliff Estate. You can take in some of the many sights the city has to offer during an architectural tour throughout various neighborhoods.


Obviously you’ll find no shortage of the city’s famous chicken wings, but that’s not the only cuisine to be found in Buffalo. The city is a burgeoning “foodie” town filled with a number of culinary traditions. Stop by Watson’s for their famous chocolate-dipped sponge candy after filling up at Charlie the Butcher on the infamous Beef on Weck, roast beef atop a salty roll. Looking for a lighter meal? Hit up Mighty Taco for some Mexican fare. The locally owned and operated franchise has been a Buffalo staple since the 1970s. Into the festival scene? Stop by the city during the largest two-day food festival in the country. The Taste of Buffalo takes place downtown every summer involving over 50 restaurants, 7 wineries, and at least 450,000 guests. Not only will there be food of all kinds to indulge in, but various concerts to enjoy and even a “kidzone” with child-friendly activities.

Whether you are a budding artist, a self-described foodie, or just appreciative of rich and vibrant urban environment, there is no shortage of fun to be had in Buffalo, NY. As an affordable American city with a thriving culture, this metropolis is a clear choice for building a life.

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