Spotlighting An Affordable City: Memphis, TN

Spotlighting An Affordable City: Memphis, TN

If you’re partial to the South, but don’t want your move to break the bank, consider migrating to Memphis, Tennessee. This southern city is on the larger side, but has loads of small town Southern charm.

Festivals Galore

Memphis has no shortage of activities, with lively festivals held every month throughout the summer. Each of these celebrations showcases a different facet of the city’s lively culture.

The “Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival” takes place yearly in downtown Memphis. This event celebrates the vibrant culture, arts, history, and diversity of various African communities. It lasts for three days and involves multiple vendors, fashion shows, blues concerts, and a diversity parade.

The annual “Memphis In May” festival takes place for an entire month, involving four main events: The Beale Street Music Festival, International Week, the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest and the Great River Run. The cooking contest is the world’s largest pork-barbecue competition in the world.

The month of June sees the Memphis Italian Festival taking place at Marquette Park. This festival has been a city staple for over twenty years and showcases various musical acts, holds Italian cooking competitions, and provides a forum for local artists. It also holds a bocce tournament, volleyball tournament, and pizza tossing demonstrations.

These are only a few examples of the many festivals that Memphis stages, so if you enjoy having local fun on the weekends, Memphis is the place to be.


Memphis is heralded as the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll” and the “Home of the Blues” and has housed many musical legends over the years, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King. You can still walk down to Beale Street to listen to a local concert and hear their influences. There is always live music to attend throughout Memphis, making the question you need to ask yourself on any given night not where to go in order to hear live music, but which of the many concerts to attend.

Memphis’ legendary musical influences are evidenced throughout the historic city. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame praises the many musicians that have graced the city and contributed to its musical culture. You’ll see some well-known names here, but also learn about some lesser-known artists. You can even get a glimpse of Elvis’ life when you take a tour throughout Graceland. The American legend’s former home is an expansive mansion set upon a 13.8-acre estate. Visitors can take a multimedia tour of this landmark and learn more about Elvis’ life through the Graceland archives.


Memphis is known for its emphasis on barbecue. From hosting one of the world’s largest barbecue cooking competition to its many local BBQ joints, this city’s culinary culture revolves around its famous fare. Go to Corky’s for traditional barbecue accompanied by cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, and fries or hit up Bar-B-Q Shop to try their barbecue spaghetti. However, barbecue isn’t the only culinary creation that the city is known for. It also has a thriving craft beer scene, making it easy to drink local while enjoying a grilled meal.


Memphis may be a fun place to live with tons of entertainment and activities for all to enjoy, but that isn’t all that the city has to offer. It also boasts a cost of living that is below the national average, making it a smart choice for building a life. Real estate prices are also fairly low. The average price of a home remains well below the national average at approximately $95,400, while apartments typically rent for only $831 a month. If you make the move to Memphis, TN, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will you be making a home in one of the most vibrant cities in the country, you will also be making a cost-effective choice that will allow you to relocate to a great city while remaining financially secure.

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