Holidays Décor: Halloween Edition


Autumn is always exciting for a multitude of reasons. The weather is growing crisper while the leaves are transforming. More importantly, the holidays are fast approaching. Putting a holiday spin on your home décor can add a little bit more vitality and atmosphere to your house as a whole. Halloween is an especially fun time of year and decorating your house with a spooky influence can liven up your home and revitalize any stale décor.

Stay away from store bought items

It can be tempting just to stop by your local Target or Home Goods for some Halloween-themed items. However, much of mass-produced Halloween décor is cheesy and even a few missteps, like fabric hanging ghosts or plastic skeletons, can make an entire room look tacky. Avoid buying these generic decorations and your décor will benefit. Stop into local stores in your neighborhood to find more unique pieces or create decorations yourself. This will add more overall variety to your home without compromising on taste.

Think outside the box

Pumpkins can be a cute addition to any room, but don’t overdo it on the orange. The color is nearly impossible to match with and can be distracting from the rest of your décor. Instead of throwing in some random pumpkin-themed items and putting some cobwebs in your corners, take the traditional elements of the holiday and reinterpret them to your liking. Grab a plastic pumpkin and spray paint it black or cover it in gold or silver glitter. This will allow you to clearly integrate Halloween elements into your home without overdoing it.

Mix up your colors

When people think Halloween décor, they often jump to orange and black as a traditional color scheme. Orange may be an obviously tricky color to work with, but black can be even more overwhelming. Drowning a room in such a dark color can make it devoid of light, creating a dreary atmosphere. Instead, incorporate the colors in more subtle ways. Throw a black tablecloth on a table or decorate lampshades with black lace. This will add a ghostly vibe to a room without making it look drab.

Another tip for décor is to incorporate some metallic touches into any room. This will also break up the monotony of orange and black pieces. Paint pumpkins or skulls gold or silver to brighten them up, or paint them completely white for a nice contrast.

Get creative with lighting

The right lighting can make or break a room. Candles are a great addition to any room. Choosing some of differing heights will add some variety. You can even fill a table with these candles and make this decoration the focal point of the room. You might choose to use votive candles for another, less flammable, option with a similar effect. Decorate glass votive holders with paint or glitter to keep with the Halloween vibe.

Overall, decorating your home with the seasons in mind is the key to developing a place that feels consistently fresh and exciting. Seasonally themed decorations will prevent your décor from seeming stale and keep it feeling relevant; coordinating decorations with holidays is an easy way to jumpstart the redecorating process that ultimately contributes to a more amusing atmosphere, something that is especially important as you start to entertain friends and families during holiday parties. Any of these choices will liven up a room, while keeping with the spooky Halloween vibe.

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