Losing myself

I hate the saying “You did your best, but your best wasn’t enough”

The message it conveys scares me. To see someone you dear, have the look on their eyes the undeniable fact that they’re disappointed because you lost a competition or you couldn’t meet or exceed an expectation. Whatever the circumstances are it hurts me to know that I’m not enough. The feeling lures into my mind and creeps into my head. It keeps replaying over and over again. “Your best wasn’t enough” “Your best wasn’t enough” “Your best wasn’t enough” and i’d feel sorry for myself, insecure about my flaws, hating myself about everything. and then, there’s this anger that is just so overwhelming. traveling in my veins that i could feel it inside me. and i know, whenever that time comes, i had lost myself in a dark dark hole, struggling to find myself in what seems to be in the world of doing your best or you’re not enough.

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