What Breaking My Wanking Claw Taught Me About Accessibility

Absolutely FUCK ALL.

You see, all along I could use my VAULTING IMAGINATION and EYE-WATERING INTELLECTUAL PROWESS to appreciate that doing things with one hand is more difficult than with both.

It’s, like, literally one less. Of two things evolved to help me do stuff, together, as a pair.

If you’re the sort of person who needs to actually sustain a physical injury to begin appreciating that some folks aren’t as physically equipped at using tools and products as they might be, you’re a self-centered fuck. And an ignoramus.

However, if that’s the only thing that will induce an epiphany, BE MY FUCKING GUEST: snap your hand, your face, or your dick. Break them all at once.

Or just wait until senescence kicks in and you literally fall apart, losing your teeth, your eyesight and your mind along the way. Don’t think it won’t happen; it’s all part of life’s beautiful bounty.

Meet you in the hospice.

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