Climb Real Estate Engages Buyers

Climb Real Estate is an innovative, fast growing real estate brokerage serving the San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in using the latest technology to serve their clients. Founded in 2010, they have grown to over 100 agents who have closed over $1.6 billion in sales, won numerous awards for innovation and technology and even starred in Bravo’s show Million Dollar Listing.

Kenny Truong is one of Climb’s top agents. Leading a team of seven sales agents, he covers much of the East Bay with over 120 homes sold in the past two years. His #TEAMFAST at Climb Real Estate has found that educating buyers is an important factor in driving home sales.

For each lead, he collects the email address and phone number of the interested buyer. Afterwards, his team will send them a ‘Home Buyers Kit’ that includes a Dropbox link with helpful documents — like a sample purchase agreement, infographics on the financing process, and a worksheet to complete — that help buyers make an informed choice. However, when sent as an email, the Buyer’s Kit are rarely opened and the on-going engagement with buyers is unpredictable.

With Heymarket, Kenny can send potential buyers a text message version of his buyer’s kit. It still includes a link to the Dropbox folder, but in addition, it includes photos of the home. It’s a great way to jog a buyer’s memory when receiving the message. These texts have an incredible 99% open rate and are short and to the point. Kenny can gauge interest faster and keep leads from going cold.

Furthermore, with Heymarket’s templates, Kenny can easily tailor and send a message to multiple recipients at once, personalizing it with the first name of each person receiving the message. The buyers don’t need to install an app and continue using their typical text messaging app. Because messages are shorter and to the point, Kenny’s team can convert the leads to active buyers at a higher success rate.

When buyers reply, Kenny can view the messages on his iPhone and Apple Watch. If he’s in a meeting, the Apple Watch allows him to send a quick reply (e.g., “In a meeting. Message you soon?”) or set a reminder to follow up.

“People are now replying to my buyer’s kit. Last week I had 2 out of 3 people receiving that message reply to me.”

— Kenny Truong

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