The Influence of Power Cables on Sound — Isotek Mains Power Leads

The vast majority of people wouldn’t believe that mains power cables can make a noticeable difference to sound. It unsurprising that this is such a common opinion when you consider that there are hundreds of miles of standard wire in power grids — why would a couple of metres worth of power cable at the end make a significant distance? The truth is, this last couple of metres are the most significant when it comes to generating the best sound from a high-end system — providing there’s a decent cable.

If you were to add some high-end power cable to mains lines at some point in the national grid power source and your sound system, it’s very unlikely that you would hear an increase in sound quality, however, should you use a high quality mains power lead at the end of the chain, plugging directly into your HiFi, the difference is clearly audible when using high-end music playback systems.

Let’s talk about the cables that will silence any sceptic.

Isotek — Game changing mains power leads

When it comes to the mains cables with the optimal performance, you can look no further than the Isotek EVO3 series of power leads. Isotek are an English company, committed to delivering the highest quality mains solutions, aiming to remove any restrictions to allow for the best possible sound. Isotek’s special attention to minute details in every component is how they are able to reach their full, game-changing potential.

Isotek EVO3 Optimum

The Isotek EVO3 Optimum mains power lead is made up of three silver plated copper conductors, formed from Ohno Continuous Cast copper, providing incredible purity when compared with traditional copper. The benefits of OCC copper include fantastic electrical conductivity, combined with outstanding flexibility and resistance to corrosion compared with other coppers.

Each 3.0sqmm conductor features a square shaped configuration of 40 strands, with each strand also featuring a square cross-section — this unique design provides a larger contact surface to enhance conductivity.

The innovative insulation materials also play an important part in delivering the best sound quality. Each conductor is coated with Teflon FEP dielectric insulation material, providing a significantly low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. The three conductors are then given a slight rotational twist to aid RFI and EMI rejection and coated in cotton filler with similar dielectric properties to Teflon FEP. The outer layer of insulation is heat-resistant PVC to give good flexibility and durability.

Isotek EVO3 Ascension

Not satisfied with the excellence of the EVO3 Optimum mains lead, Isotek developed the EVO3 Ascension to take their power cables to another level still. This cable is formed of three 4.0sqmm silver plated Ohno Continuous Cast copper, providing a larger contact surface and improved conductivity when compared with the Optimum cable. Each conductor is deep cryogenically treated down to -196°C to improve performance.

For more information on the outstanding Isotek EVO3 mains power leads, feel free to call us on 01484 538438, or better still, pay us a visit at our showroom in Huddersfield.