It’s 2019. Here’s how to get a mortgage loan online.

How to get a mortgage loan: What you need to know

The who’s who of mortgage loans

  • Mortgage brokers. These folks serve as an intermediary between you and multiple lenders. They’re paid by the lender, so you won’t have to dole out cash to collaborate with one.
  • Loan officers. Employees of a specific bank or lender, who provide information about (and help you get) a loan through their employer.
  • Loan processors. You’ll encounter loan processors a little farther along in your home buying journey. Once you’ve made an offer (and it’s been accepted), you’ll formally apply for a mortgage. Loan processors help wrangle the documents and other steps involved in getting your mortgage application in a good place. They’re also tasked with the super fun job of addressing questions and follow-up from the loan underwriter. Speaking of…
  • Loan underwriters. These are people who review the mortgage application and make a decision that will impact a big part of your life: whether or not your mortgage loan should be approved.

How do I know my offer will be accepted?



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The Morty Team

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