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The Key Takeaways

Posted by Gracie Clemens

Hi Mum! Said Dad recently hosted an event in conjunction with the Hoxton about the role of mobile in transforming businesses, and we’re happy to say it was a success!

With speakers from Molson Coors, Instagram, Mondelēz International, Comic Relief, as well as our own MD, Craig Wills, the debate was both lively and insightful for the audience in attendance.

Now that all is said and done, we’d like to say thanks and give you a recap with some key takeaways.

“Engagement is the prerequisite to reach. It’s proving your content is worthy of being shared at scale.” @jagsharma #MobileTransformers

In our original post, we posed the question “What does ‘mobile’ mean for your business in 2015?”

Panellists agreed that brands are starting to look at mobile in a more holistic way, looking at how it functions with other areas of the business, rather than working as its own discrete channel.

So in this vein, we asked how do you ensure mobile is used effectively, here’s what the panel said:

  • Mobile doesn’t mean just having a responsive website. There’s much more to it; it’s looking at where your audience are, how they already interact with your brand and looking at how mobile can make the exchange more convenient or entertaining. Mobile encompasses a whole range of touch-points; determining which ones work for you and how they can work together to engage your audience is key for success.
  • If you’re not testing, you’re not learning. This means testing ideas, audiences and platforms. It’s key to make sure there are tangible measurements in place to justify evolution, roll out or abandon.

Audience behaviour is not always clear and regularly shifts — brands that are a brave enough to experiment and adapt are the ones that will win out… even if they have to kiss a few frogs along the way. You’ve got to be willing to venture into unchartered territory but this doesn’t have to be blind luck.

  • Use strategy, ROI modelling and prototyping to assess what will make the biggest impact and have the best reach in comparison to time, money and resources.
  • Fail fast, win faster — and then launch a more mature product or service.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Start with a question — what would be a great value add or convenience for my customers?
  2. Think about mobile in relation to your world — not in isolation.
  3. Tinker to stay on top; but put measurements in place to know what to evolve, roll out or abandon.
  4. Mobile is more than a responsive site, it’s more than an app, it has capacity to transform the way you do business and they way consumers interact with your brand.
  5. In order to see how mobile can benefit the brand you need tangible, comparable and easy to digest data that can demonstrate sales.

One thing’s for sure, mobile is continuously evolving and it’s here to stay, so we all have to work hard to keep up. At Hi Mum! Said Dad it’s our job to show you HOW to leverage mobile; and as our panellists agreed, there’s not a one size fits all solution.

Want to know more about our Mobile Transformers event or discuss how mobile can help your business? Feel free to contact us or follow us on LinkedIn. Or check out our Facebook to see the photos from the night — thanks to our panellists for speaking, The Hoxton for hosting and of course, our guests for coming.

Stay tuned! We’re sure to have a mobile event again soon.

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