#Module 8 — Create At The DME: 3D Printing Pt. 2

This week I returned to the DME to take on some more 3D printing! This time I came prepared with a file I designed myself in Tinkercad, an online 3D modeling software. If you’re interested in using it for yourself I’ll post a link right here! But now back to my adventure.

Recently nintendo just launched their brand new gaming console, the nintendo switch. The console itself comes with a few pieces of hardware, one of those pieces is the joy con controller, a plastic controller that allows the player to slide in the controllers to allow them to feel as if they are using a traditional console controller — this is what it looks like:

Nintendo Joy Con grip

The grip that comes with the console itself is great, its sturdy and the hand controllers slide in and fit perfectly…but I decided it would be cool if I designed my own joy con controller, make it a little more personal than just the boring black that comes stock with the switch itself. Using dimensions that I found online I created a mockup within tinkercad — heres what THAT looks like:

It is sort of hard to hell from this photo but my version is Star Wars themed. I included the original dimensions of the controller itself and then put the logo of the Rebel alliance as well as the quote from the classic opening frame from each movie. After mocking up my prototype I brought it over to the DME to begin printing. Now, this is sort of where things went south…unfortunately when I tried to print this about half of the way through one of the extruder heads destroyed my print! It was rather discouraging as printing even just 50% of this prototype took around an hour and 10 minutes. I am planning to go back to finish up the print later this week because I really do want to see how well the 3D printed version matches up against the stock joy con grip that comes with the switch itself. Heres the product of my failure in case anyone is interested…its rather underwhelming but I do not plan to give up just yet!

My failure.

— Evan

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