#Module7 Oculus Rift & VR Fun

For this weeks assignment I decided to go and try out the VR headset at the DME as I have never experienced virtual reality before. I read about virtually reality all the time and understand its capabilities somewhat I suppose, but when it comes to VR there really isn’t anything quite like the real deal.

First thing was first, learning how to use the controllers and headset itself, the interface was quite easy to get the hang of, it was about as life like as it could be without the controllers actually being a part of you. Immediately when I put the headset on it was like I was transported to what was being shown to my eyes. This is a much different experience than just holding a screen close to your face, this encompassed my entire peripheral vision and really did feel like I had entered a digital realm. Quickly you forgot that you are even holding controllers, they just sort of become a part of you.

After taking part in the walkthrough it was time to try out some real fun stuff. I got to play what I can only describe as a “violent rhythm game,” Thumper. Thumper is sort of like guitar hero if guitar hero took a bunch of adderall and shotgunned 15 Red Bulls. The game is totally immersive, it’s loud, it’s aggressive, you shake things so hard you feel like you’re about to punch a hole through a table, it’s great. I could imagine plugging this game in after a long day and just letting all my frustrations out. To truly understand what thumper is I suggest you watch this video.

The only way I could see VR being improved currently is if the controllers were literally inside your own body…but obviously that won’t happen…I mean I guess I can’t it WON’T happen but it seems highly unlikely. Maybe something like nerve receptors that run down someones arms and legs to track each of their movements could be the next course of action to get to a truly immersive VR experience, but somehow that still seems as if it would become too tedious to put on and take off, for now the hand held controllers seem like the best course of action. The other thing that I can definitely see improving over time is screen resolution, eventually screens will be almost life like making the VR experience even more immersive than it already currently is.

I highly recommend going to try VR if you have not already, it is truly a blast and one of the cool parts about this technology I think is that you don’t really have to be into video games in order to enjoy yourself, I think its something that no matter what age or demographic you come from you could find yourself lost in for at least a good hour or two!

— Evan

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