This Machine Turns Trump Tweets into Planned Parenthood Donations
Max Braun

A few things.

  1. Please use that algo, and all you other PP supporting folks too, lol. The “backtesting” is a joke — not enough data/events to draw meaningful conclusions. But I would like to see you go broke, so please, put everything into it…
  2. You speak as though everyone agrees with you but in fact MORE THAN HALF OF WOMEN WANT RESTRICTIONS ON ABORTION, and many Americans remain Pro-Life. The really obnoxious thing about Pro Abortion people is that they/you pretend tohave the moral and popular high ground, but don’t. Not in the real world.
  3. I’m glad you are using your own money. The complaint I have is that my tax dollars are funding PP — when federal law says that can’t be done. You want to fund massive, large scale Baby-Killing? Fyi, since Roe v Wade we’ve killed 59 million babies in the womb, with 70% of African American pregnancies resulting in abortion — so yeah, it’s large scale killing. Then donate and pay for it yourself. Don’t ask me to pay for it.

Please continue to be glib about abortion, as though human life isn’t at stake. It makes me wish you had been aborted — and hey, there is nothing wrong with that cuz it would have just been your Mom’s “choice”, right?