About Upsy

Here’s what you need to to know about Upsy, including the technical questions and the fun stuff

The technical questions

How do I create a group list?

Start on the Upsy homepage by entering your email address

What’s the difference between public and private lists?

  • On public lists, anyone who joins and confirms their email address can send email updates
  • On private lists, only members with the secret email address can deliver email updates

Can I keep my list private, but have other people contribute to updates?

Yes, simply (1) have them join your list and (2) send them the secret email address so they can share updates with everyone on the list

How do I send updates to a list?

  • If it is a private list, send an email to the secret email address you were provided via email after signing up (e.g. listname+listid-secrettoken@list.upsy.co)
  • If it is a public list, send an email to the list’s email address (e.g. listname+listid@list.upsy.co)
  • All members must be currently subscribed to the list to send updates

I forgot my secret email address, how do I find it?

Search your inbox for an email with the subject line “[Your list name] is ready” — if you deleted it, you can email us to help

I’m not seeing updates, why is that?

  • First, make sure you’re not sending emails above 10MB, as that’s the current Upsy limit (we are free, after all)
  • Second, make sure you’re subscribed to the list you’re sending to; if not, you won’t be able to send (or see) updates
  • Third, check whether the list you’re sending emails to is public or private; if it’s private, you can only send updates to the secret email address (e.g. listname+listid-secrettoken@list.upsy.co)
  • If all of the above checks out, it might be a bug, sorry; email hi@upsy.co or DM @HiUpsy on Twitter to get some (fairly respondent) support

How do I or my other members unsubscribe?

Follow the “Stop these emails” link at the bottom of any email Upsy sends

How do I access my list settings?

Send an email to the secret email address (e.g. listname+listid-secrettoken@list.upsy.co) you were provided with the subject line “Helpsy” to receive an email response with a link to your list settings

How do I review or export all my list members?

You can click “Download member list as .csv” at the bottom of your list’s settings, or send an email to your secret email address with the subject line “Helpsy” to receive an email response with a link to the file

How do I delete a list?

We don’t enable people to delete lists right now, but you can unsubscribe by clicking “Stop these emails” at the bottom of any email Upsy sends

The fun stuff

What is Upsy?

Group emails, zero hassles

What’s the tagline?

Upsy is the free, fast, and friendly way to share updates with people who care

Who’s this made for?

Great for all sorts of temporary teams, one-time events, personal email subscribers, and planning with friends

How’s it work?

  1. Create an email list in seconds, no password required
  2. Copy and share a link to have others join the group
  3. Email a secret address to send updates with everyone
  4. Unsubscribe from the list at anytime, no questions asked

What are the benefits?

  • Start an email list in seconds, way easier than MailChimp, Slack, and Facebook Groups
  • Send email updates to all your list members directly from your inbox, no clunky login required
  • Allow others to contribute to updates at anytime, or keep it private if you prefer
  • Enjoy $0/mo forever and avoid the paid upgrades pushed by other products
  • Build your list ginormous, enjoying absolutely no subscriber limits

Why is Upsy so awesome?

Because it’s stupid simple, silly

Are there going to be more features?

If people dig this thing, maybe, but it will be simple forever

Are all the features really free?

Yes, for realz

How does Upsy make money, then?

Um, you’re missing the point

Are those daisies I see in the background?

Yep, because, you know, upsy-daisy

Where is Upsy headquartered?

In sunny Phoenix…or as we know it, #yesphx

Who made this thing?

We tweet as @KirkMorales, @PHXjc, and @adam_mann

Does Upsy have a blog?

Nope, but we do have an email list (obvi): https://upsy.co/upsy/updates

Where can I learn more?

Upsy.co, and make sure to leave out that “m” (we should have checked out that .com address prior, oopsy)

I have more questions, who should contact?

Cool, email hi@upsy.co or DM @HiUpsy on Twitter to chat