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But if men didn’t write instagram posts like that, women would complain that men weren’t speaking out against harmful body expectations for women. Yet when a man did speak out, he was bashed for it by those very same women. It seems like guys are in a catch 22 in this situation.

He’s not bragging about how generous he is. He is simply stating that when he grew up there was a lot of pressure for men not to date fat women, but he ended up doing it and he loves his wife. (for the record, I think the wife is only a little overweight and isn’t what I would call fat). He is celebrating his relationship. You can be in love with a woman AND be attracted to her AND talk about both. Men do it all the time.

If a woman posted about how attractive she found her bald husband, I doubt anyone would accuse her of fetishizing him or making it all about her or bragging or any of the other things this guy has been accused of. We shouldn’t make negative assumptions about this guy just because of his gender, which I think the author of this article is clearly doing.

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