Launching, changes, & upcoming events…

So, we launched two weeks ago during Boogie on the Avenue, which is a two day street festival of beer, food, music, and usually a fair amount of people (40,000–50,000 were expected). My estimate is about 50% of that actually showed up due to a little drizzle. Regardless, it was a fine weekend to launch.

Below is a screenshot of what the festival looked like in Hiccup. Included are all the small business promotions, beer spots, music venues, and other notable locations such as cab pick-up and children’s area. We received a couple hundred signups, some positive feedback, and some good word of mouth throughout the Campbell community. All in all, it was good!

Here are some upcoming changes:

  1. Users will now be able to register for Hiccup through email. We know everyone doesn’t use Facebook (us included), so we thought it best to get this out the door rather quickly.
  2. User profiles can now be set to private for those who prefer to be anonymous while attending events.
  3. If you’re in a ‘non-Hiccup’ area, we will let you know and provide options to unlock it.
  4. Weekly newsletter. This newsletter will include upcoming Campbell events as well as notable events in the Bay Area. Subscribe on out site at

More coming soon!

Yours truly,


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