The hard states are behind us. The Southern firewall is behind us. Starting today we are going to make our comeback!

On behalf of all the greater Grassroots For Sanders, r/SandersForPresident andr/StatesForSanders team, thank you. For your passion, efforts, energy, and time. This month and especially this last week we have seen a record outpouring of activism, canvassing, phonebanking, facebanking and donating. Seriously, so many of you have been working your ass off, and it is amazing to see everyones tireless efforts for this revolution.

I know many of you are disappointed by tonight’s results, after the surprise win that was Michigan everything seemed golden and it wasn’t unreasonable to hope for another surprise today. But the reality is that we knew that today was going to be tough, we were down in almost every poll in all 5 of these states. This day is not the end, no matter what the main stream media tells you. They have been telling you Bernie has no hope since day one. No one said it would be easy, we always knew that this would be an uphill battle. We still need to improve public opinion by a few percentage points in order for Bernie to win. Keep in mind our amazing and little known Senator from Vermont started with single digit polling numbers against one of the best known politicians of our time. Bernie is going to keep fighting, I am going to keep fighting, the moderators are going to keep fighting, we still need you to keep doing what you have been doing. Most of the hard states are behind us. The Southern firewall is behind us. Starting today we are going to make our comeback. Next week we have Idaho, Utah and Arizona, these will be strong states for us. The next two weeks after that we have Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Wisconsin and Wyoming these are also strongholds for progressives and we are expected to make yooj gains. We have a good ground game and we need to keep calling, keep texting, keep knocking, keep donating, keep light brigading, keep facebanking, keep talking to our friends, family and coworkers and most importantly keep your chin up. This is not over. So again, thank you, not just for those resources that you have already used — but more importantly, those you have yet to give. “Remember; when we stand together, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish!”

“Clinton Will Build Her Biggest Lead on March 15. Sanders Will Erode It After That.”

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