We made 1.3 Million Calls Yesterday!

On Day 1 we blew past our goal and made a whopping 1.3 million calls! That’s incredible!
For Day 2, we want to hit another 1.3 million and bring our overall call total from this weekend to a HUGE 2.6 million!

The new goal has been raised to 2.6 Million for the whole campaign, and 90,000 for this [reddit/sandersforpresident] sub. This means we need everyone calling! Find out how to get started below

New York votes in TWO DAYS on Tuesday April 19th!!
If you’re ready to start calling, please click here to make calls into the “Priority Calls” section!

Today’s priorities are New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland!

Don’t forget to get signed up on berniepb.com to have your calls tracked!! Click here for berniepb.com help.
Are you overseas and want to help? Check out this post to learn how to phone-bank internationally using Google Voice!

Invite people to events with http://feelthebern.events
Message friends of friends with http://berniefriendfinder.com

Hit the phones today and we’ll contact enough voters to swing this primary in our favor. This is what democracy looks like, folks. Share the message and let’s win this thing!

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