Start Up Projects from Ideas

80's Cartoons — Voltran’s 5 Lions and Pilots

I’m 80's kid. They published so many great movies, animations to widen up our dreams. I’m 90's teen who is the builders of Internet from the beginning. I’m 2000's Design worker who knows everything from every spec. And now I’m a Entrepreneur in 2010's.

My name is Emir E. UÇKAN, proudly a Human, with my all goodness.

All story has been seeded all my life. A Creative Community to live to build and teach. I don’t like politics, religions or whatever is popular in time. But I will create influence for them to take right decisions.

So here is our Founders & Makers Community, Monimen !

By the 1st March 2016 we’ve launched v1 and has upvoted over 120. . It was just Idea Cards. For real Elevator Pitch for 10–15 seconds. It contains simple Investor’s interest items. eg: ArtSlide Project

Now in Aug 2016 we’ve launched Monimen v2 v2 has better options like convert your Idea Cards into Projects. So you can Open Job Positions for your project.

And there is new User Score System that calculates user’s Designer and Developer Scores from current Design and Coding Portfolio sites for his/her level. These levels will be used for Position Requirements. So Hardworking but no time to promote himself people will be spotted easier.

and pretty visual and easy Browse Engine:

Our business model is simple, only 7,4 Eu for month Subscription to have Pro Account to have Projects from Ideas.

This is Digital version. Soon with successful Business meeting we’re aiming to add Traditional Skills beside Digitals.

Check out our RoadMap for more upcoming features.