You scared the shit out of me, asshole.

I telecommuted today. Working from home. I didn’t take a shower this morning so as to free up some bathroom time for someone else to shower. By the time my work day ended at 5:30, I was feeling desperate for a hosing down.

My step daughter will be home first, probably a little after 6:00. I have to feed her and then almost immediately leave the house to truck her to the first of many evening kid events.

I did three things. First, cranked the music (currently Throwing Muses, The Doghouse Cassette), put some water on the stove to start it boiling for some raviolis, and then jumped in the shower for the quickest shower ever.

As I was finishing up the whole house started shaking. What the? Between the shower and the music I couldn’t hear anything going on outside, but the house was literally shaking. I figured it out just as I was turning off the water. It’s not the first time.

Some dickhead in a small airplane was buzzing our street. It doesn’t happen often, but we are close enough to either the small airport in Andover or the small airport in Lawrence that douchebag pilots will come in low over our street and simulate a moderate Earthquake.

I thought the pot on the stove was trying to explode, or my new computer speakers were going to spectacularly fail under the awesome that is Throwing Muses, or maybe my bathroom plumbing was about to come through the walls to visit me.

Nope, just a prick in a plane.


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