Letters to Cleo

Letters to Cleo are back!

I spent a good portion of my late 20’s in Boston watching local bands rock my face off. Very few of them had any brushes with national attention. Letters to Cleo was one. That meant they played the bigger rooms in town, and that they played less often. That, in turn, meant that Cleo gigs became “events” rather than just nights out having my hearing destroyed.

Like all local bands they eventually split up. It was sad. Then half the band members moved to Los Angeles which is even worse. There were occasional shows in Boston with various spin off bands, none as good as the real thing. Then in 2008 we had a magical couple of nights where they came back to us. It was the wrong guy playing bass, but otherwise it was the real thing. They snuck their way back at least one more time but I missed it.

Now, heroically, they have reunited to record a little bit of new music and there is a short tour booked too! They are coming home to play The Paradise in Boston in November! It should be legendary!

Tickets go on sale at noon today. I will not be home. I will be out and about in the city, picking up my step kids when they get home from the vacation they took with their dad last week.

Fear not! I am ready! I just created a new ticketmaster account because I can never remember my old one (I use them so very, very rarely). I added my payment info already too. Then I downloaded the iOS app, logged in, and added Letters to Cleo as a favorite. When the clock strikes noon I will be mobile in the city but I will still buy tickets for me, my wife, my brother, and my bass player!

Assuming of course that I have cell signal.

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