Tired Thoughts on a Tired Night

It’s 9:34pm on a Tuesday night. I am exhausted. I’ve had two nights in a row of bad sleep. Last night was moderately bad, the night before was epically bad. That adds up to me dragging ass all day, and now that it’s late I am toast.

My wife went to dinner with a co-worker tonight and she’s not home yet. I want to wait up for her. I always wait up for her. Once I fell asleep on the couch, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually gone to bed while she was out. Did I? Maybe once? At most once. I want her to come home so I can give her a smooch and then go to sleep. As dead tired as I am, I ain’t going to bed without first smooching my love.

My wife and I both took last Friday and Monday off. Today was our first day back to work after a four day weekend. I only had 111 emails in my inbox. For two days out, that’s not so bad. Tomorrow will have more time out of the office. I am working until 1:00pm and then going to my step son’s doctors appointment. He has diabetes. For the last few months he’s been giving himself insulin injections using a pen needle. The insulin is inserted into the pen and then your dosage is set with a dial. Two units with lunch? Dial up a 2 and stick yourself. It’s so much easier than using syringes.

Now he is hopeful that he can upgrade to something better. They have pumps and pods and all sorts of things that hook into your body and stay there for a given length of time. You just have to calculate how much insulin you need and it takes care of everything for you. He’s had a couple of recent appointments to test drive different aspects of pump/pod living. Tomorrow is more of the same, except I am going to this one and I haven’t been to the last two. He’s leaning toward wanting to get a pod. I’ve never seen one so I hope they will have some to check out tomorrow. Even better, I hope they give him one tomorrow.

The Red Sox are playing the pathetic Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays tonight and they are going out of their way to blow the game. Typical. Why does Xander Bogarts suck so badly now when he was tearing up the entire American League for so much of the year. His batting average has dropped something like 30 points. What the hell, Xander?

Is 2016 going to be the most Apple year this Apple fanboy has ever had? My wife and I both picked up the small sized iPad Pro not long after they hit the stores. The iPhone 7 is expected to be launched in about a week. I traditionally upgrade my phone every other year. I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus. That means I am due for a new phone! That’s two new Apple devices for the year. The Apple Watch 2 is also expected to premier next week, but I am not interested in that one. I have an Apple Watch, but I have no plans to get the new one… unless it blows me away somehow. I don’t think it will.

The other thing on my radar is the rumored new MacBook Pro. I am typing this post on what the About This Mac function calls a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013). I am ready for an upgrade in the lappy department. A lot of the rumor sites are saying that the function keys (F1 through F12) on the MacBook Pro keyboard will be replaced with some sort of touch pad. My company’s software makes ridiculously extensive use of function keys, so this might be a deal breaker for me. Otherwise, I want a new MacBook Pro. I’ve had an iMac and I’ve had the MacPro, but I think I prefer the setup I have now with a powerful laptop on a doc with a powerful monitor. I have an Apple Thunderbolt display right now. I like it. Word is that it is being replaced by a 5K monitor, but that doesn’t excite me much. I’ll keep my current display, although I expect to have to use a bunch of adapters to make it work.

So that means 2016 might see me with three, count ’em, Three new Apple devices this year. That’s a lot of Apple, even for a self described fanboy. I guess some one has to keep the stock prices sky high, right?

It’s 10:06pm now and my wife just texted me that she’s on the way home. Nice. I will be seeing the love of my life very soon. If that doesn’t put a spring in your step, nothing will.

The Red Sox trail the (Devil) Rays 4–3 as we enter the bottom of the ninth inning. Will the Sox come back and win it in a walk off? We’ll see. I’ll try to come up with one more topic to talk about so I can wait out this half inning.

I haven’t played my guitar once in over two weeks. No practicing for the band. No working on the 50/90 challenge. I think we can write that thing off now. I’ve still got a slew of ideas to finish, but I am not going to hold myself to any time lines now. We have a gig booked for early October, but we are having a very hard time getting together to rehearse. We’d like to add a bunch of new songs to the set, but will we have time to get everything up to scratch? It’s starting to feel like a no. I promised my wife we’d do a Beatles song at the next show, and there is a Beatles tune on the list of songs to learn. I’m going to have to push the guys to get that one gig-ready.

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the last Beatles concert. August 29, 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA. They hadn’t made any public announcements stating that their touring days were over, but they all knew it. I listened to a little bit of a horrid sounding bootleg of the show today. Even as late as Summer ’66 they were still completely drown out by the screaming. It might be hard for non-performers to imagine, but getting such a massive response without doing anything to actually earn it is pretty frustrating. That plus the negative bigger-than-jesus press and the death threats and the constant security precautions, and the last dregs of Beatlemania… I can understand why they wanted to hang it up. I just wish they could have stuck it out longer than they did. Maybe at some point down the road they would have got the performing bug again and done a few more shows. We’ll never know.

The Red Sox are still down 4–3 but they have two on and two out with Ted Williams, umm I mean Sandy Leon at the plate. Will Sandy come through??

Nope. Called third strike. The Red Sox lose.

My beloved bride is going to be home in a minute. I think I’ll wrap this post up now.

Have a good night, everyone.

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