Trump’s laundry list-Executive actions this past week: by a cautious Citizen

  1. Last week the Justice Department demanded web-hosting company DreamHost to turn over data on protesters of Trump’s inauguration. The company resisted this threat to First Amendment protection of speech and assembly, but a DC judge ruled last Thursday that the company still had to turn over certain data to investigators looking for rioters who destroyed property on January 20. While some of the activists committed crimes, people should take note of this governmental search for anti-administration expression.
  2. Last Friday night Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. While the pardoning power of the president is absolute, it is revealing that the pardon was issued to a man accused of racial profiling of Latinos in his searches for illegal immigrants. Arpaio’s actions certainly beg the question of whether due process of law was followed under the Fifth Amendment.
  3. Just this past Monday the Justice Department lifted the restriction on police departments’ acquisition of surplus military equipment from the Department of Defense.

The question we must ask is: are these actions separate and unrelated, or do they reveal a tone and stance the administration will take on protest and dissent? This is not to say we are living in a police state, but it’s time for people to pay attention to the actions of their government.