Assignment, Shignment.

I was siting in my regular journalism class arms cross, listening to the regular ramblings, an ongoings, of my fellow class mates. Till CL, a person who will remain in abbreviation, throws me for a curve ball. I was told by CL, that I will have a new system of blogging.

Ever week we have to do 3 blogs an by the end of the 9 weeks we have to do 27, an ever couple of blogs will be assignments from him. Now that sounds fair to me, frankly its pretty underwhelming. Then again I haven’t done one in a wile… but thats ok cuss all bang out some soon! I don’t know what to wright about now and I just pass the 100 word mark. So all make this a Q an A. ask a question in the comments section below an all do my best to answer on my next blog!

It can be anything, How old I am, why I have such great taste in music, or even advice. Keep it clean, this is for school, but have fun with it! I really feel like a G@% teacher right now, trying to sound cool, so I think all stop at this last word. “Thank you all vary much, an have a wonderful day.”

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