Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

I enjoy theories like this, but as interesting as the evidence is, it fails to address a couple of elephants in the room.

  • It’s been said many times that the main Star Wars movies are the stories of the Skywalker family. Yes, technically Ben Solo is a Skywalker, but if Rey is a Kenobi than that leaves the galaxy Skywalkerless. I don’t really see that happening. I also have a hard time seeing a trilogy that is supposed to be the story of the Skywalker family focus so heavily on a character that isn’t a Skywalker.
  • Yes, if Rey was a Kenobi, it would be a huge plot twist. No one would see it coming (present company excepted, of course). But would it be a satisfying twist? Would people walk out of the theater amazed that Rey is a Kenobi, or kind of let down that the Skywalker legacy is now gone and instead we have another Kenobi? I’m betting most people would fall into the latter camp, myself included. And I’m a huge Obi-Wan fan. To find out that the whole series was actually about the Kenobis would honestly feel like a really cheap writer’s retcon to get a few gasps. The movies have always been about the Skywalkers.
  • You raise the point about it adding mystery to the narrative — when would Obi-Wan have had this child? etc. If Rey is Luke’s daughter, though, the same questions hold true. Who is the mother, when did this happen. And even more mystery — why does no one remember her, why doesn’t she know who her family is, etc.
  • But for real, when would Obi-Wan have had this child? And if he did have this child, why wouldn’t that have factored into the whole “last of the jedi” conundrum he and Yoda were so concerned over. It’s possible force powers skipped a generation I guess, but that’s a rather large plot hole they’d have to fill in with a fair amount of screen time, and I’m not seeing that happening.

So yeah. While part of me thinks this would be cool and it’s fun running down these rabbit trails, most if not all your evidence can be explained with equal credulity as referencing something other than “Rey is a Kenobi.” And none of it really addresses the aforementioned elephants in the room (not a satisfying twist, and the movies are about the Skywalkers) in anyway other than “wouldn’t it be so cool if…”

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many theories based largely on that, lol. But I don’t see this happening. I’ll bookmark this just in case, though.

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