The Decline of Poverty
Angus Hervey

Did you get your ideas from Nancy Reagan’s Ouija board?

“So the next time you read an article lamenting that inequality is the greatest economic issue of our time, take a moment and ask yourself who’s writing it. Your opinion really depends on who you care about, and where you stand.”

I care about people born into a life of shit because a handful of evil rich pricks are in a race to one-up each other. I stand with those whose entire lives are treated like unwanted sewage. When I lived in Cameroon, I saw people whose legs had been amputated from polio squatting on the roadside begging for food. They didn’t stand anywhere.

Instead of showing a picture of smiling poor children, show one of children who have been sold into slavery and molested to the point where death is an upgrade.

If you’re practicing to be a paid republican mouthpiece, you’re on the right track. Your graphs are pretty.

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