Fear & Loathing; Why Hillary Supporters Are Suspicious of the Progressive Agenda.

I honestly don’t have the answer!

I know you were expecting some sort of eye opening, world changing ah ha! moment to why Hillary Clinton supporters seem to abhor the obvious solution to corruption in politics; get the money out of it, but I honestly have no idea.

It is truly a head scratcher why getting money out of politics, wanting free healthcare for all, free education and ending the wars thus bringing home the troops seems to be such a bug in their craw, but it is.

And when you question one of her supporters in an attempt to try and follow their logic you’re likely to be met with even more suspicion of your “motives” and are often either blocked, called a purist and then blocked or accused of being some sort of Russian shill sent via Putin to try and disrupt their worldview…and then subsequently blocked.

One thing as a progressive that you will never walk away with after having a discussion with one of her supporters is an answer! Ok I take that back, you’ll get an “answer” but nothing that comes close to resembling rational thought or logic! Nope. All you’re likely to get, if you read between the lines of Russia/Bernie bros/Hillary was a saint, is that “seeming” to help people is more preferable to ACTUALLY helping people. It’s absolutely amazingly fascinating.

Amazing that is, if you have a profound lifelong fascination with the human psyche and human behavior like I do! I don’t know why I put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence other than the fact that I’m not sure how much excitement is appropriate in relation to an exclamation point being added to a sentence. And when are you supposed to use a semicolon?

Sorry I digress, but if you don’t share my love for human behavior you’re more likely to walk away from a confrontation with these people incensed and convinced that this chunk of society is as or even more so, batshit crazier than the Trump supporters who actually thought “MAGA” meant the lives of anyone outside the aristocracy slash oligarchy of this country were going to significantly improve with him being elected.

But, while I stated earlier that I have no idea why Hillary supporters are so suspicious of the progressive agenda or what about wanting to get corruption out of politics leaves such a bad taste in their mouths, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make some attempt to spitball just why all that nuttyness exists and what it’s all about.

I have written and rewritten this next section a number of times trying to cleverly proselytize my perspective but then I’ll use a word like “proselytize” and get lost in thoughts of just how douchey that would come off to someone reading this especially when I could’ve just said “explain” my perspective instead and it suddenly turns into one big self loathing mess-fest where in the end I imagine myself literally being crucified on a cross with angry villagers stabbing me in the side with spears and the whole shibang for my usage of some intellectually empty word. Then I realize I just turned myself into some sort of thesaurus Jesus thus more self loathing, more digression of thought yada yada yada. So instead I’ve decided to just sort of bullet point my thoughts thus accomplishing my true goal of self sabotage by throwing off the whole flow of this piece.

Don’t fret though (fret? really?) I steer it back on the road in the end!

Side note: my desire here is to explain not only what I believe to be behind the typical Hillary supporters suspicions but to also counter it with the progressive perspective incase for some odd reason one of them are actually reading this. So here goes.

  • [Progressives are “purists.”] I assume that most if not all have no idea what they even mean by that when they say it, but just from talking/debating with some of them they seem to be confusing our desire as progressives to remove the temptation (aka $$) of corruption from our politicians with a desire for absolute human perfectionism. We don’t desire perfection just that if we elect you to power we want you to actually represent us and not pretend like it’s possible to accept tons of money from the very same corporations we elected you to fight against. I mean think about how ridiculous that actually is via one of my clever filled analogies. Let’s say you’re in a “situation” that requires you to provide money you [don’t really have], to get yourself out of that “situation” and a guy you know offers you not only the money you need but much more money than you could possibly use, to get you out of that “situation.” If I come to you and say that guy is getting ready to cheat me in the near future can you please go kick his ass, would it be a fair assessment to assume you’re going to either ignore my request and do absolutely nothing or at the very least go talk to the guy and inform him that some guy is upset with them and suggest they “cut it out?” What is the likelihood that the money the guy just gave you will have more influence over whether you fight the guy or not than my “unfunded” request that gives you nothing other than the knowledge you helped me? It does not take a genius to figure out what the likely outcome will be. Am I saying there are not any within the progressive wing that are just as nutty and can be considered “puritanical” in their expectations, no. Anyone who has paid even partial attention to H.A Goodman, The Sane Progressive and the small following of crazies that consistently insist on attacking The Young Turks, Kyle Kulinski and Jordan Charitan for supposedly not leaning “far enough” to the left and adopting their “character perfectionist” persona, knows full well that a true “purist” perspective of the political landscape exists on this side of aisle just like it does on the right with the Tea Party movement. To deny or ignore that, as a progressive myself, would essentially invalidate any criticism of Hillary Supporters I dole out, but on the other hand to insinuate that this very small puritanical band of nutters somehow is representative of all of us is just as ridiculously asinine as saying that because I had a bad experience once with a group of Southeast Asians that it is now safe to assume ALL Southeast Asians view the world and handle situations the same way as this one small group. My point is, assuming you haven’t figured it out, when it comes to being purists 99.99% of progressives are not, to quote the great Obi Wan Kinobi:

  • [The “alt-left” is the exact same as the alt-right] This is probably the oddest one of them all being the alt-right is arguably made up of racists and bigots whose goals seem to revolve around making other people’s lives as miserable as possible whereas there is no such thing as the “alt-left.” Progressives are just THE left! The reason those who supported Hillary Clinton think all progressives are some sort of left wing extremism group is because establishment Democrats and Hillary Supporters are in fact not center left but are actually center right and have been so since the 80's. So it seems like progressives are extreme when all they really are is left of center where democrats used to be during FDR’s presidency where things like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security emerged as safety nets for an economically uncertain society that could easily slip into extreme poverty. It is where the middle class was born and became a thing. But many of these Hillary supporters were growing up during the Regan/Bush years which I’m told (being I was still in diapers) were pretty horrific. So when ole Billy blowjobs Clinton came on the scene, much like when Obama showed up, he appeared to be the savior everyone was waiting for to combat the GOP. I mean who couldn’t love a president who supposedly smoked weed, ate Big Macs and played the saxophone on Arsenio. Up until that point the country had been run by a washed up actor suffering from dementia and an ex director of the CIA who got us into a war with a dictator we had originally installed as a puppet leader we mistakenly thought we could control. Bill Clinton “appeared” to be the exact opposite of all that old school Republican drudgery just like Obama seemed to be the progressive magic man that was definitely going to “really” change things after the nightmare of W, but what happened instead? Clinton created the “New Democrats” moved the party to the right and began implementing center right policies, deregulating the banks and properly turned on the tap to the unstoppable juggernaut known as money in politics. As for Obama….I could go on for days about the republican-esq things he did during his 8 years as POTUS but I don’t want to venture too far down that rabbit hole right now. In the end though progressives are doing nothing other than trying to return the Democratic Party back to its original glory of being the REAL party of the people instead of what it has become, Republican lite.
  • [Stupid/sexist/racist/privileged/millennial Bernie bros] This too is very odd being a majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are female and seem to come from all walks of life, ethnicities and ages but still this perception of the mythical “Bernie bros” persists. If I were to fathom a guess as to where this perspective comes from I’d say it’s one part oppositional spin, one part complete lack of actual research and one part absolute paranoia that the reason for Hillary’s loss and the progressives distaste for her is based not on her horrific political track record of corruption and war mongering, but because she’s female and there is some underlying desire to maintain the patriarchal status of power that can only be held via old white guys. The problem with that stance is how do you explain Obama? Yes he’s male but he wasn’t old nor was he white but a majority of the people who voted for him back in 2008 were progressives so that whole argument, at least the racism portion, is 100% horse shit! And as for the sexism part, many progressives, myself included voted for Jill Stein when Bernie was no longer an option and being she’s female there goes that whole sexism argument. So why do they continue this obvious nonsense narrative of the supposed “white, racist male Bernie bro?” That unfortunately is a question I couldn’t even attempt to answer except to say that it very closely resembles the sort of self-fabrication of truth we tell ourselves as kids that our parents are invincible brainiacs who could do no wrong. The problem is once you reach a certain age you’re supposed to realize that “angelic image” we had of our parents when we were young was based solely on lack of maturity and experience with other people and other viewpoints. Well, unless of course your parents were actual angels or god which in that case you’re probably Jesus and have much bigger problems than whether or not some lady lost an election due to less than savory undeserved reasons.

And lastly but certainly not least:

  • [Progressives are Russian shills sent via Putin to disrupt our Democracy, yada yada yada] This is a mixed bag of hilariously absurd and equal parts disturbing that people are that far out on the ledge over the election of Trump that they have completely blocked out facts and beliefs they once acknowledged as true. I won’t bother with the “where did it come from” stuff because anyone who has even glanced at any one of the 6 corporate mainstream media sources knows you can’t go 6 seconds without hearing how Russia supposedly interfered in the 2016 election of Hillary Clinton and how supposedly Trump is, to one degree or another Putins proverbial “bitch.” So it really is no surprise that Hillary supporters are absolutely convinced that anyone whether on the left or the right that’s not drinking the “Russia did it” kool-aid must ultimately be a Russian shill. The problem with this perspective is as I mentioned earlier they are denying facts and beliefs they once acknowledged to be true such as when Obama took a chance to get a dig in on Mitt Romney who was expressing a concern with Russia saying, “…The Cold War called, they want their foreign policy back” or something to that degree insinuating Mr. Romney was some sort of out of touch nut for assuming Russia was still any sort of threat to the US. I mean for fucks sakes Russia isn’t even communist anymore, they’re capitalists now just like we are. So what would even be Russia’s motivation? To make us MORE capitalist than we already are? Also disturbing is the cognitive dissonance over American interference in other countries’ election processes that has cropped up. Prior to the 2016 election most democrats seemed to unabashedly understand that the US, when it comes to having dirt under its nails and/or blood on its hands in regards to manipulating the outcome of who becomes the leader of a country or faction one needs only look to who hoisted Saddam Hussein to power in Iraq, who put guns and control into the hands of Osama bin Laden or Manuel Noriega in 80's to name only a few. So why is it that prior to 2016. Liberal Democrats seemed to understand we as a country hadn’t a leg to stand on in the moral authority department but come October 2016 and beyond suddenly we’re squeaky clean and clearly a victim of political espionage in the whole influencing of power category?

Since apparently I’m reducing my perspective to mere memes, in the great words of Bill Duke…

We all know why the cognitive dissonance emerged. Democrats especially those of the “pay to play” persuasion see their gravy train of money and power beginning to break down so therefore they ignore the hypocrisy and actual reason why the 2016 election was such a flop for them and do what they do best, deflect, deny and project.

But I will admit to having some degree of empathy for some of the Hillary supporters with the emphasis on “some.” I empathize with some of the female voters who probably viewed and voted for Hillary because they viewed that as being a tremendous win for women. I mean first a black guy and now a woman? The sky would seem the limit after that so for those females I empathize with because it really must have seemed like a blow to the women’s movement. But,…yes there is a but, the reason I say I only empathize with “some” is because most have resorted to pure unadulterated willful ignorance mixed with stubbornness insisting as I mentioned a millennia ago that it was sexism that kept Hillary out of the office not her horrendous political track record completely and thus ignoring that most of us turned towards another woman, Jill Stein in the end. So I also suspect that the sexism claim is mostly bullshit designed to cover up that the reason they are so angry with progressives is not because they believe we are actually sexist and unable to get behind all women but just because we didn’t get behind THEIR WOMAN!

So there it is! My perspective slash proselytizing of why Democrats but especially those who supported Hillary are so suspicious of progressives “motives.”

Did it make any sense? Probably not! I mean as I’m writing these closing words I’m already engaged in self doubt about what I wrote and whether or not it was just the mere ramblings of yet another self-indulgent person who mistakenly believes anyone is actually interested in their “take” on things. But hey I’m a generation X/millennial. I was taught from birth that everyone gives a shit about my opinions and feelings.