Why Trump’s Presidency is a Win!

Yup I said it! The election of Donald J. Trump was a huge win for the United States. *Gasp!* I know for most, especially those precious snowflake libtards of the world the very idea of Trump as POTUS being anything short of a nightmare come true seems absolutely absurd.

Surely I must be one of those crouching red necks hidden racists right? I mean obviously anyone who thinks the election of a game show host who famously said “I grab em’ by the pussy I don’t even wait…” was a win for America must be some sort of right wing, Alex Jones listening, gun toting, sister fucking nut job right?

Surely I must be either missing a chromosome or have too many! (I never did figure out which would be worse.) How could anyone with even half of a half a brain not see the absolute turmoil going on with our country thanks to Trump?

I mean you now have ICE agents deporting hundreds of hardworking immigrants some of which could absolutely blow your mind with their hamburger making chef skills. By the way I’m not referring to anyone working the drive thru at the local diabetes inducing burger joint. What I was referencing was a fellow who either owns a family restaurant or was it’s manager I’m not sure which, who did everything right regarding his illegal immigration status and still ended up deported so settle your “trigger fingers turned to twitter fingers…” Shout out to Drake!

You have millions of people without or about to lose their health insurance because of a Trump rightwing healthcare package that puts tons of money into the pockets of wealthy insurance corporations and screws the poor! Surely I must have no heart right?

Or what about Trump deciding to drop the bomb of all bombs on Syria for the extremely implausible act by Assad attacking his own people that just so happen to actually love the guy! The kids Jay! What about the kids!?

Ok if the cat isn’t out of the bag with that last sentence and you’re still convinced I’m a huge Trump fanboy let me put your anxiety social justice warrior brain at ease, I’m no Trump fan! But!…. Yes there is a but. I actually do still think Trump’s presidency was a win for the United States.

Yep it was a win because it took the election of Trump (but really the nomination of Hillary in the primary) to snap a lot of voters turned activists out their “everything is fine here” trance (myself included) that Barack Obama, establishment Democrats and main stream media had us all in.

It is exciting times, that is if you ignore the absolute mockery of leadership that has taken the reigns of control over our country. But more now than ever people are beginning to realize that it wasn’t a sudden uptick in good ole American bigotry that gave us, to take a line from Kyle Kulinski, “daddy Trump.”

Nope! The people are starting to wake up to the realization that it was more than a sudden dislike/distrust of Mexicans that drove the masses to tick that box next to Trumps’ name. It wasn’t an underlying urge to grab women’s crotches without permission , or to openly mock disabled reporters. No, they’re starting to realize that neoliberalism not neo nazi-ism got us to this point.

That the donors and corporations having absolute control over every aspect of our lives from whether or not we can import cheaper drugs from Canada to control over our glorious supposed to be “representative” government. Well the government is actually representative, it just represents them not us.

People are beginning to understand the fallacy behind a representative taking big money donations from Wall Street being expected to stand up to Wall Street on behalf of the peoples interests when the time comes. People are beginning to realize that the Democratic Party believes itself automatically entitled to the black, brown and rust belt vote while doing absolutely nothing to help either of them simply because they are not Republicans. Well “some” are beginning to understand this.

Unfortunately there is a huge swath of people in this country that absolutely refuse to accept that the country didn’t suddenly fall apart January 20th 2017. That these problems, at least for the working class in this country actually took a huge leap in the wrong direction with the election of ole Billy blowjob Clinton in the 80's and his decisions to sign on to NAFTA, explode the prison population with his absurd crime bill, and the introduction of pay to play disguised as corporate campaign contributions are the true reason we now must suffer with Trump.

No some are absolutely convinced that the country only just fell apart and became a huge bummer the day after the game show host with the dead weasel on his head took office.

Who are these atrociously dense people?

Ask any progressive on Twitter who, between Hillary supporters or Trump supporters are the more delusional in regards to whether or not things in America were great prior to a Trump presidency and the resounding answer will be the Hillary supporters!

They are absolutely besides themselves with this election because of course the lady who supposedly walks around with hot sauce in her purse was the rightful winner! It can’t possibly be that 30+ years of neoliberal policy where everything from whether or not we could have single payer healthcare to how many countries we go to war with this year seems to be up for grabs to the highest bidder and the loser is always us! It can’t be that Hillary Clinton was by far the worst candidate ever to put up against Trump due to her extreme hawkish, corporate bidding demeanor! It cant be that the lack of Hillary explaining what policies she was going to push took the back burner to Trump is bad Hillary is good. It can’t be that she gleefully expressed that the US would NEVER have a single payer healthcare system! Oh no! It has to be that suddenly everyone turned into racist wall building carpenters.

These people remind me of the time when it was very obvious to my 7 year old daughter who’s now 13 that the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus weren’t real and that it was me all along who ate the cookies, replaced the teeth with cash and dropped off the baskets full of goodies.

She did everything in her power to maintain the illusion that she still believed. Of course I probably didn’t make anything better for her by also carrying on the charade of mystery and magic creatures but she’s my little booger head so how could I not? But the thing is, Hillbots no matter how much they act like it, aren’t 7 year olds!

At some point they’re just going to have to accept the facts. Trump is here for the many reasons I listed earlier and others but none of those reasons are sexism, Russia, everyone suddenly becoming racist or any of the other 9 thousand reasons Hillary and her trope of bots have come up with to avoid reality. Just like when eventually my daughter and I had to drop the charade and just deal with what’s real, the jig is up.

Trump’s presidency was a win not just because it zapped activists back to life with a new found hunger to make things better but, also because his presidency has brought about the absolute collapse of the curtain with the picture of American exceptionalism painted on it that had many of us fooled into actually believing things were on the up and up.

I mean think about all that has been revealed!

  • DNC exposed as cheaters and election manipulators
  • Main stream media being exposed for being precisely what they have always been, watchdogs for the corporations. Spinning the news in such a way that it always masked the true corruption that was always there
  • The Democratic Party no longer being able to hide behind the facade of being the party of the people
  • Republicans being unmasked…..well we on the left have always seen them for who they are but long standing republican voters starting to realize their party has no interest in not fucking them over as well

And lastly but most important at least in my eyes;

  • The emergence of Bernie Sanders and his progressive platform that Americans truly deserve has generated so much steam it’s become unstoppable and thus for maybe the first time in my adult life there is real hope not that bullshit hope Obama was pushing that amounted to basically more of the same but real tangible hope that this country can finally be what it was always meant to be, for the people by the people.

So when you ask me why I think Trump’s election was a win for America and why I find these current times to be the most exciting because the truth has finally been revealed.

My response is this….

“The pen is blue…..the goddamn pen is blue!”