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Hi, my name is Hierony Manurung. I’m encouraging myself to write a post, since some of my friends make good posts (I’m quite a competitive person :P).

For life, I’m helping GDP Labs manage and maintain their infrastructure. Yes, I’m a system engineer. I’ve helped GDP Labs for 18 months.

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My college Life

After finished my senior high school, I continue my education in Del Institute of Technology. In my college life, I wasn’t a popular person, I’m just have a strong relationship with some people (I value having a few close friends rather than having many acquaintances.). There is so many happy moments in this period of time, But I will just skip it now.


In our last semester, we’re asking to do internship in some companies. We’re announced that the location of our internship will be determined for each of us. I kinda shocked, since I’ve determined some company that I’ll like to work with. I asked the coordinator if I can search the location by myself. The coordinator say it won’t be a problem.

So my attempt start, Do you know where I applied? take a guess please !
I send my CV to some big silicon valley companies like Quora, Dropbox, Palantir, and Google. I know it’s sounds crazy, but there’s no problem in trying.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Several days later, I got rejection emails from all of them (Poor me, I was a normal person with high dream). Then I started to lower my standard, searched for best IT companies in Indonesia. I decided to apply to Blue T. Several days later, I got an email from the CTO & Co-founder. I was flattered when got the email.

The respond is so good, they arranged the test for me and asked me when I can take the test. two days before the test, unexpected moment happened. Our coordinator announced the Intern location for each of us. I was assigned to place where I’m working now. I thought that it wasn’t bad, It was a good place to work. So I contacted the blue T, say sorry that i can’t continue to the test phase. Yes, I’m accepted the offer from my coordinator.


Working in real company is very different with studying in college. We pushed to be proactive and communicate well. The hardest part for me is to communicate well, I’m kinda lack of this skill. Time passed, my internship will end in one week. I planned to get job offer before graduated. Because I’m not very happy with my performance in internship, I applied again to blue T company. But now I applied as full time DevOps engineer. After some emails, they arranged the interview date. I’m still remembered that the interview conducted on 6PM on Thursday (I was forgot the date).

On the interview, I first interviewed by the CTO & Co-founder. The interview goes well, We discuss many things and I asked his experience while working in silicon valley company. Then he give me logical test, asked me to implement Anagram function, hahahaha
I think It goes well, he asked the complexity of my solution and challenged me if I can improve it. Lucky me, I can improve it (I like the way he gives clue about how to improve my solution).

Then, i was interviewed by the Head of DevOps. He was a nice person (he’s now working in Facebook Menlo Park). He asked me about some technical stuffs and my experiences in internship. Then he give me logical test, he asked me to implement random function. The problem is, given set of banned number, your task is to get a non-banned random number in range (1–100000). Kinda easy right? , I think I doing it well and can improve my solution too.

The next day, I got a good news. They offered me a job as Full-Time DevOps Engineer, The process is so fast. Well, then I speak to my mentor and said that I got an offer from another company. and he asked me, How if you got job offer from here? Which one will you take?. I’m kinda confused to answer that question, since this two places are good places to work. After considered several things, I choosed to stay in my internship place. It wasn’t an easy decision though. I contacted the Blue T again, saying I’m sorry that I can’t take the offer.

Life Nowadays

And here I am now, as a system engineer in GDP Labs. 
Don’t forget to lives your life guys.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy — Dalai Lama


  • In case you don’t know what is the Blue T. There are two big T IT company in Indonesia, they are Blue T & Green T. Blue T is a company that known by their bird logo and flight ticket selling, and the Green T is an E-commerce company. This is just how I called them.
  • It’s not matter if you reject an offer, Make sure to inform them as fast as you can.

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