As a response to Bill Gates’s suggestion: Improving the competitiveness of human workers versus…

I totally agree that a world in which concepts like ‘work’ and ‘job’ don’t exist any more would be the ideal world. It is Marx’s old idea of man being a hunter in the morning, a fisher in the afternoon and a shepherd in the evening. It is a beautiful idea.

In my opinion the idea is so attractive because today we are alienated from our nature. The division of labour has gone too far. It is not serving the needs of humans but constraining them to specialise in a certain activity to be able to survive. And for what? To make our society ever more productive. We already have overproduction! The ecosystem of the earth is on the edge of collapsing!

Like you say, everyone should specialise in an activity that he/she is passionate about. If we are forced to do certain jobs because otherwise we can’t make ends meet, that is harming us. We should be free to choose what work we want to do. This does not necessarily mean that we only do things that we like to do. We can also decide to do things that we don’t like to do but that we believe make sense, like cleaning our toilet for example.

So I think the old concept of work and that we get paid for things we would not do otherwise will not disappear. Trade and exchange of services between free and emancipated people is a good thing in the end. Maybe it is even the key to overcome alienation: We can specialise in something that we know well to do and that we feel comfortable with. In exchange others do for us what we are not able or don’t like to do.

So, let’s be couragious to do only work that we are passionate about or that we believe makes sense!

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