a GaryVee wallpaper

Note to self: What’s documenting for wantrepreneur?

When you don’t make any money online while the rest of the world becomes millionaires, you feel left behind. Your brain told you that life is hard and you should feel bad about it. The result of mental breakdown is your life falling apart. You keep shoving your head in self-help videos and articles like Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, Lewis Howes, Chase Charvis… but don’t actually produce anything valuable. Watching these videos is helpful when you have a product or service to promote. But what if you don’t have anything in hands to offer? You need to create one. Now that’s the part I didn’t see a lot. Internet gurus keep telling you to provide value contents, macro patience, and micro speed. Another term that you should be familiar with is side hustle. It means whatever you’re doing besides your day job has a chance to bring you positive income. With enough amount of everything I’ve just told you, things still won’t happen. Because first, you have to figure out what work to put in. 
If you love plants, you start documenting the process of growing successfully.

Sound easy, right?

No, it’s not. You have to be good enough at what you do. You have to show people that you have the discipline to be a master of plants. How?
You read books about plants, you watch shows about plants, you search for plants, you ask for plants, you do whatever it takes to find a certain plant and take care of it. All those works need to be recorded on any medium that you like. Could be videos, could be sounds, or written words.

Now you know what to do, right?

No, of course. Because you haven’t found out what you love yet. You love eating a good hotdog in the morning doesn’t mean you spend the rest of your life talking about the variety of hotdogs in the world and where to find them.


Is that a good idea to start a reality show about hotdog in your city? Yes, absolutely. People are doing it out there, right now.

The critical element to start your business is getting your hand dirty and commit to do the work it takes. Once you’re on the “treadmill”, things start happening.

For me, I don’t know when. But I don’t love plants, I don’t love hotdog in the morning. I love to travel on bikes, on cars. I have a day job and a son to take care of. So how travel becomes my side hustle? I don’t know. I haven’t figured it out, yet. But by writing this, I know what I am about to do next.

Thank you for your attention on my documenting. Don’t hesitate to throw a clap everytime you nod along.