Where am I?

I asked as I was being pulled through the space between spaces. I had a feeling that time was amounting to something more than just the tick tock of the clock. The picture above is probably the most accurate depiction of the place I was wandering through as if there was no sense of direction. The trees bent and spiraled into life with branches supporting their reach to the heavens. Why on earth is this happening? Oh yeah, I’m not on earth right now. I am somehow in another world as my mind wormhole’d space-time to meet my eyes from a far off distance.

What am I?

Certainly not my mind, because my body is here, and my mind is in this other world and they’re both as alive as each other. Separate entities greeting me along the path of light show me that there is no need to worry about trivial things like where am I, rather what am I? A super conscious being of light transcending spacetime with the tools of lsd and I could be anything. Hold my breath and it caves in. Breath heavily and everything sparkles. What am I is something alive, breathing and existing as separate as an individual could become.

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