I got buns, hun.

I made this today:

I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for dinner and he said pulled BBQ chicken, but that I should make the buns! So I went to my favorite website for finding recipes, King Arthur Flour, and found a basic hamburger bun recipe: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/beautiful-burger-buns-recipe.

This was different from the bread dough I made last week, because this is an enriched dough. This particular one has eggs, butter, and sugar in it to help soften the dough.

I had a good time mixing and kneading this one. I kneaded for ten minutes, which was quite the fun workout. I watched a tutorial by Paul Hollywood on kneading and shaping the dough, which helped a lot.

The first proof took almost two full hours to double in size. It is really dry in our apartment building, so I attribute the long proof to that.

When I shaped them into rolls, I was careful to tuck the edges under the individual rolls to keep the creases from ruining the shape of them. Eight beautiful dough balls.

The second proof on the shaped rolls took one hour. I was smart this time and preheated the oven in advance.

I loved watching them bake. They only took fifteen minutes and they became such a beautiful golden color.

AND they are DELICIOUS! They are lightly sweet and have a wonderful crumb texture. This time they are perfectly cooked through. I’m quite proud of these and I can’t wait for dinner.

Originally published at imadethistoday.tumblr.com.