360 Surround: Facebook unveils 360 camera to $ 30,000

Facebook has unveiled its camera dedicated to virtual reality called Surround 360. A camera equipped with 17 cameras that will be available in open source.

“If you do not do virtual reality in 2016, you missed your life! “This could be the new motto of the giants of Silicon Valley! Video 360 is indeed the big trend this year with the release of the helmets of the major industry players.

Of course, virtual reality point without a good camera capable of shooting 360. This is why Facebook has unveiled the 360 Surround which could come shake up the market.

17 cameras for 360 Surround

Mark Zuckerberg and his team have used the F8 Conference to unveil their new toy. What is immediately striking is the style of the camera that, once assembled, looks very much like a UFO.

But it is of course embedded technology remains the most interesting. The Facebook Surround 360 embeds 17 cameras (14 lenses with a field of view of 77 °, and 3 fish-eye lenses with an angle of 185 °) that can rotate 360 ° in 8K with their resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels to 4.1 megapixel proposing a rate of 60 FPS. To store as big video files, the camera has 8 embedded SSDs allow transfer rates of 32 Gb / s with 2 hours of uncompressed recording (RAW).

An open source project

Where the product of Facebook is frankly interesting is that it will be available as open source. These production plans will be available on Github in summer 2016. It will still pay nearly $ 30,000 in order to manufacture the device. A price that may seem prohibitive, but still far below the $ 60,000 of the Nokia Ozo.

More than ever, with the arrival of the surround 360, 360 Facebook ecosystem is set up and the social network should take even more weight in the field of web video. The social network has indeed unveil new tools for Facebook Live.

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