Facebook announces the arrival of the bots on Messenger

At the opening of the F8 Facebook Conference, which ends today, Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of a platform to enable companies to create intelligent bots to Messenger.

Every month 900 million users log on to Facebook Messenger to chat with their friends but also to get in touch with some 50 million businesses that use this platform to communicate with customers. As announced by the big boss of Facebook at the F8 conference, the latter will soon be filled create mail robots (bots) to offer new services.

Bots should soon land on Facebook Messenger

Artificial intelligence is increasingly at the heart of new technologies. All major industry players now offer their virtual assistant able to learn and improve in order to better serve users. Facebook announced the development of a platform for companies to create conversational robots to replace humans for some services.

Thus, these “chatbot” allow Messenger users to order a ticket, a pizza or a taxi for example, or chat with a company’s customer service for instant messaging. This platform will not only be reserved for trade professionals, the media can also take possession to send customized content to users for example.

With artificial intelligence combined with human assistance it will be possible to talk with these bots as you would with his friends in the words of Mark Zuckerberg.

The bots war is declared

Facebook is not the first to unsheathe his bots. Microsoft is also betting on chatbot that would be integrated with Skype and could eventually replace the applications according to the group. The US giant announced, too, that he would make available to professionals, companies such as developers, skills on artificial intelligence.

Others are also on the spot, such as messaging and Kik Telegram, WeChat or Chinese communication platform for companies Slack.

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