Highline performs first EVM and Apple Pay transactions in New York City

Rachel Comey’s elegant New York Store makes its first EMV transaction

New York, 29 April, 2015: Today Highline Software, the leading vendor of cloud-based mobile software for retailers, announced that it had performed its first EMV and Apple Pay transactions. Only six months away from the EMV liability shift deadline and so far Highline is among the first to have a fully functioning solution in place.

In October of this year all stores that take MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover Card and have failed to employ EMV technology solutions become liable for any fraud associated with chip cards in their store. Previously banks and credit card companies took on this risk and neither the retailer or the consumer liable. This shift is going to have a dramatic impact on retail in the US. EMV enabled credit cards have begun arriving with consumers across the country but retailers are still not ready.

“What was wonderful was how easy and cost effective this solution was to deploy in our store in New York City.” Said Rachel Comey, founder of her namesake store, “Not only did it just take a few minutes to upgrade, it is instinctive to use, integrates our inventory and all data is securely stored in the cloud. Because it is mobile our sales assistants are no longer chained to a cash register. It creates a whole new dynamic for our customers and opens up a range of new design options in the store. We are delighted to be working with Highline and know as we continue to expand this complete solution will expand with us.”

Highline’s solution offers an advanced mobile point of sale solution that connects an iPod or iPhone to a Verifone’s e-Series of mPOS payment terminal devices, significantly reducing installation time and training. As a result of Verifone’s terminals, Highline’s solution accepts both Apple Pay and EMV out of the box and stores all data securely in the cloud so inventory, CRM, and advanced analytics are available from anywhere and in real time. Instant installation allows growing businesses to add stores in seconds and the solution is flexible enough to serve a single store or a multi-store national retailer.

“We worked closely with Highline to certify the Verifone e315 and e335 on Highline’s mobile app.” said Joe Mach, senior vice president and general manager, Vertical Solutions for Verifone,. “EMV acceptance is a topic that’s very much top-of-mind among merchants in the U.S. — especially considering the pending liability shift. We are excited to work with Highline as they bring secure and easy payments to the retail sector.”

First Data, the card processing company, partnered with Highline to certify EMV and contactless payments on their card processing network.

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