LinQRS is an Insurance Agent Finder Which Saves You Time & Money when Buying Insurance of Any Kind

If you are about to buy an insurance of any kind, read on! Today we cover a unique local insurance agent platform that will connect you with reliable local insurance agents for your needs. We are talking about LinQRS.

What is LinQRS?

LinQRS is an Android & iOS local insurance agents platform for users.

What makes LinQRS great is its simplicity of use and its system. First you can use LinQRS to define your circumstances and your risk profile, and then only upon your request you will start getting offers.

LinQRS will connect you with at least 3 local insurance agents and showcase their portfolio, reviews, videos etc. Then you can talk via phone or chat with each of them and see their offers or what they recommend for your situation.

Once you have solved your situation and picked the right agent and insurance package, you can stop other agents from communicating with you with a simple tap. That’s why LinQRS is so convenient. If you however, want to receive offers again you can return and ask for calls and communication again with a simple tap.

Why it’s great?

  • includes all types of insurance
  • covers the majority of carriers
  • it’s easy to communicate with the best local insurance agents
  • your contact information and privacy are protected

The app is currently available for Nevada only. You can try it from the links below.

Google Store Download Link: LinQRS
App Store Download Link: LinQRS
Web Link:

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