Hello Beautiful. Meet Sukin.

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After more than two decades of constantly searching for ‘the one’, I’m finally ready to say I’m taken, yes dear sisters I’m ready to use the ‘C’ word and commit to the skincare brand of my dreams. I’ve discovered the food for our skin which gives the radiance we long for and makes us feel like the divas we were born to be. That’s right I’ve found ‘my perfect match’. A pure, nourishing collection of skin care which is natural, effective and won’t break the bank is on everyone’s wish-list, and that’s about to change. So hands together as we give Sukin, Australia’s favourite award winning brand, a well deserved round of applause. Sukin has won the hearts of millions, ours included and you’re next.

The love affair begins

From the very first time I laid eyes on the simple yet gorgeous packaging of Sukin’s ‘Renewing Body Scrub’ at Holland and Barrett, I had a feeling that making a minimal investment and giving Sukin a shot, was one of my better ideas. Now if like me, you started your journey to a life of organic bliss, then you’re sitting on the edge of your seat and can’t wait to make the change to Australia’s award winning Sukin too. You’re tempted to try Sukin’s renewing body scrub because let’s face it, nothing beats the sweet smell of the most delicious scents of green tea and jojoba combined with sesame oil, coconut oil, ground walnut shells and jojoba beads — botanical ingredients which will make your mouth water and your skin glow, seriously it will look and feel that good. Gentle yet so powerful, kind of like the female warriors we are. Our flirtation with Sukin started with the renewing body scrub and developed into a full blown love affair with the complete range. We’ve fallen for Sukin big time and there’s no turning back.

Add it to your beauty bucket list and give it a shot.

We all want our skin to look gorgeous, but more importantly we all want to get hooked to a brand which will make us feel like goddesses. Sukin will give you the happy bug you’ve been longing for. It’ll transform your self care rituals and make you feel ever so pampered and loved every day. So get ready to glow and feel outstanding. What else could a girl ask for?

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