Real Life: How to succeed in business

Array, a happy go lucky, friendly 19 year old Balinese teen has stumbled over his dream career, he makes hundreds of delicious colorful cocktails for guests from all over the world in one of the most magnificent pool bar in Bali.

Array lives twenty minutes away from the Centre of Ubud with his mother and siblings. Early on he had become the breadwinner of his family. He has never left this island and he has no intention to because everything he wants, all that he needs is right here. Don’t be mistaken, he’s as ambitious as they come and his goal is to own to his own cocktail bar by the time he’s 25. He’s creative, fun loving, curious and has made friends from all corners of the globe.

Life Lessons from Array

Array starts all conversations by saying ‘how can I serve you today’. His ambition is to become an entrepreneur and his mission is to serve, to make people feel comfortable, happy and content. He believes that achieving his mission will lead him to his ambition and this 19 year old school drop out is right.

We are all here to serve and when we start to think about what our audience wants rather than what we need to give them, only then will we take another step towards our ultimate prize. We are all here to serve and to make each other’s life memorable — this is the key anyone who wants to earn six figures needs to grasp.

Like Array we need to serve with a smile and offer our skills and talents to help others. Only then will we get ten fold back and be the owners of a very happy heart and an incredibly profitable pocket.

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