The Story of How I Began Writing Seriously| Post 1


I am really bad at them. That too with a good enough reason. I do not want to get into my introduction. I’d rather someone read my work and learn about me. That way, I think the judgment would be less biased and more accurate.

It was seven months ago my uncle suggested that I start writing a blog. But honestly, I had no clue what to write about. I wanted a connectivity to my posts, and not just random ramblings.

And yes, it took me approximately seven whole months to come up with a topic and it was not entirely my idea. Because, I was inspired by the Positive Writer contest which talks about Writers Crushing their doubts and continue writing.

So, presently, I write on Wattpad and you can check out my stories here. My first ever completed and successful story is How to Not Crack PMT, which is sort of inspired by my own experiences.

I am an Indian, and if you are an Indian student, you would know that career options tend to get limited to Medical and Engineering, because, it is an all middle class dream to see your child with a reputable occupation.

This leads to immense struggles, because, for instance, in IIT entrances, 1,30,000 students appear but only 10,000 get in.

Apart from all these the fact remains that not every child wants to become a doctor or an engineer. Some people know what they want to be, and some don’t but they do know that they do not want to go along the bandwagon.

I was of the latter type, I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I had this passion for writing and creating stories ever since I was little.

As a loner during the school life, I had several scenarios in my brain, stories of what my life could be. My imaginiary friends that talked to me, later, these imaginiary friend turned into characters.

But writing as a profession is scary… there were so many doubts in my brain.

First of, I was not aware that writing can be an independent profession in India. Cue, my stupidity. Plus, I was scared whether it would be able to sustain me? I mean, yes, I came from a well-off family, but I wanted to be independent, too.

Apart from the above fears, the greatest fear was what if I outright sucked at writing. What if I write it all down and get rejected again and again and then am nothing but a failure. Being an Indian girl, I knew what being a professional failure meant… Getting married. And my aspirations wasn’t ready for that. So, I did what seemed sane to my fifteen-year-old self. I decided to prepare for medical school.

Those two years were a torture and depressing, I always felt like I wasn’t doing what I loved. The less time I spent writing, the more upset I was.

After a tumultuous year and a half, I finally gained strength to tell my parents, who in turn, talked to my teachers… and just like that everyone agreed I was not to do Medical… at least, if I favored my sanity and happiness.

But I was still scared about my future… and my writing skills.

Then Wattpad happened to me, and I seriously began writing and gained positive response.

What I learned is that…

You might start off as a horrible writer, but as long as you practice and keep on writing you’ll improve… write… write and write…

Your writing skills grow with you and your experiences.

If you want to write something write it down, it maybe the most horrible piece of writing. But the next piece won’t be.

Don’t write to earn money or votes, write because you want to. Because, you have something to say.

Don’t alter your words because you’re scared of hate, because, Dumbledore once said,

If you’re looking for universal acceptance, I am afraid you are going to be staying in that hut for a long while.

Also, many people say writing cannot be taught, but I think writing is innate, you always have a story to tell, you just need to learn the way to say it.

And this is how I overcome my fear of writing.

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