A Network is Mightier

After considerable work and dedication from our team and strategic partners, we introduced our enterprise software platform as the Fluent Network to considerable coverage from the blockchain, supply chain, and payments industries. The response has been terrific, and we wanted to follow up and share our approach to applying modern technology and ideas to age-old problems in global commerce.

Fluent Network

The Fluent Network is a reflection of the evolution of our organization, the core value we provide our customers, and our vision for the future. A network allows the whole to be exponentially greater than the sum of its parts and eliminates inefficiency inherent to isolated and sequestered systems.

The idea of a network is at the core of many powerful, impactful inventions in modern history. Telecommunications, the internet, and social media all represent examples of networks that have shaped modern society.

In a disconnected world, the flow of information, ideas, goods, and money are contained in silos often limited by geography, culture, language, politics, and even time. Moving between these silos is a slow, painful, and costly process.

Through months of research, Fluent identified an industry that has felt the pain of siloed financial systems and disconnected IT platforms for far too long: global trade. Cross-border commerce and supply chains that span the globe are currently suffering greatly from systems that do not communicate with each other. For one, the banks and financial institutions that facilitate the flow of money and financial assets are antiquated and siloed. Their financial records are kept on individual ledgers, isolated from the rest of the parties involved in transactions. Moving assets and money between these ledgers is a slow, complex, and costly process that requires tremendous coordination between countless intermediaries around the world.

Think of current supplier networks which help organize and combine goods and information to provide speed, efficiency, digital standards, ease of communication, tightened controls, and improved forecasting, a well-known paradigm in the supply chain world. Until now, these same improvements could not be extended to payments, which have traditionally run on separate and inefficient financial rails, creating an inescapable bottleneck for businesses. It is at this disconnected point that we see immense potential for improvement and innovation.

Supply chain has recently been identified as a one of the most exciting use-case of blockchain technology for a variety of issues that plague global enterprises. We have differentiated our offering in this rapidly growing space by focusing strictly on the end user above all else. Prior to development, we spent eight months interviewing the end users of our product. Working with finance executives all the way down to individuals in AP and AR, we identified specific instances where the Fluent Network could provide value to these end users.

After our initial market research phase, we put our heads down and developed a working platform for banks and global enterprises in an industry rife with theoretic use-cases and infrastructure plays. The Fluent network allows frictionless financial flows across global supply chains running in tandem with information and business logic. Simply put, this combination enables smarter, faster, more efficient, and more secure corporate finance and cross-border commerce for large enterprises.

Built on this Fluent Network are applications including a real-time global payment platform, approved payables financing marketplace, supply chain management tools, and an API and developer kit for custom application on the Fluent Network.

We are now demoing our enterprise software platform built on the Fluent Network to large financial institutions and companies in the US and abroad. For more information visit fluent.network, which includes additional information about the Fluent Network and the solutions we provide to banks, enterprises, lenders, and developers.

Look forward to much more from Fluent in the coming months.

With love,

Fluent Team

Contact Fluent at hello@fluent.network if you have any questions.

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