Let’s try to narrow down potential candidates based on the criteria of personality, functionality and accessibility. ​​

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the vast amount of typefaces to choose from when you kick-off a new design project? Let’s try to narrow down potential candidates based on the criteria of personality, functionality and accessibility. ​​


Typography controls the visual appearance of any written content. Finding the right personality is quite difficult because even the slightest difference in curves or contrast can influence its character. Ask yourself what would fit the tone of the project? Are you aiming for something that feels playful, elegant, casual or modern? …

Which tool should you use when setting up a design system?

Which tool should you use when setting up a design system? Since there are so many options, it is difficult and time consuming to properly answer this question. Here at Hike One we work on implementing design systems for a diversity of clients: large international companies, municipalities and smaller local players. Each one of them has their own culture, their own design process, their own challenges and, of course, their own budget.

Four Types of Tools

Before diving into each individual tool, let’s consider what different types are available. …

Are you up to date on today’s digital design tools?

For a big design team like ours, it is important to use the same toolset and find a way to make it fit into our design process. At Hike One we have a lot of discussions about this topic. Also, new team members post questions on Slack like “What tool do you use for …?”.

With new toolsets constantly being released it can be tricky to find the right tool for the job. Therefore we decided to write a second post about the prototyping tools we use in our company and why. This is an update of a post we…

This is the 3rd post from a series about our company adopting Holacracy. If you’d like to catch up, you can first read part 1 and part 2.

It’s been a while since you heard from me. Sorry about that. We experienced a jumpstart last June when our organisation switched to Holacracy. September arrived and things got a bit tougher. I was having a hard time. There were a few factors involved, but Holacracy was definitely one of them. As I’ve written earlier, Holacracy is a fundamentally different way of organising. It’s why it is compared to changing your Operating…

Hike One at Awwwards NYC 2018

A few days ago an expedition team of Hike One designers found themselves in the middle of New York City for the Awwwards Design Thinkers Conference. What attracted us to this conference was not only the allure of New York City but also the superb line up of speakers Awwwards assembled together. The speakers occupations ranged from designers, technologists, researchers, branding experts, innovators and one mad scientist artist. …

It’s no secret that UI animations can greatly contribute to the user experience of a product, and even single-handedly solve design problems. But the road leading up to a well-designed animation comes with many considerations and pitfalls. There is a very thin line between a good animation that supports the user in completing a task and a bad animation that just gets in the way. So what should you consider when designing a UI animation? Let’s find out.

1. Purpose

First and not least, there must be a purpose. UI animations should never be made when the only intention is to make…

It’s not, but it definitely improves communication

Sketch Lesson at Hike One, Amsterdam

Technically, as a creative (an illustrator, artist, or designer) you don’t need to know how to sketch, rather you just need to know how to communicate with your audience. Whether that be communicating your idea or vision, communicating with your team, or communicating to yourself, communication is the key fundamental ingredient to a creative endeavour.

To be blunt, I know that everyone is capable of sketching. Sketching is not some inherited talent you get from your grandparents but rather a raw tool that has always been in your toolbox. …

Graduation project: "A better hospital experience for pregnant women with a medical indication using a personal eHealth application."

Digitalisation in healthcare is developing and at Hike One we’re very interested in this evolution. With our user-centered mindset we’re especially interested in how the personal and human touch, that is so essential in physical healthcare, could also be obtained in digital healthcare (eHealth). This challenge was the starting point of the graduation project of Hélène Schmitz. To dive into this she focused on a specific case: the hospital experience of pregnant women with a medical indication. Several colleagues at Hike One experienced that this process could be supported better, and that a more personal eHealth application might be useful…

The core model is used to make an inventory of a page’s core content. It forces you to think about what content is necessary to help the user and achieve company goals. Besides defining the main content of the page, this model also takes inward and outward paths into account. So, how does a user get to this screen and where will he go next.

Gather company goals and user tasks

Why you should use the core model

The core model is a mapping method, which helps to identify the most important pages on the site and identify their content. It allows you to start thinking collaboratively by including less web-savvy clients and…

Have you ever been in a workshop where the energy was nowhere to be found? Where as a facilitator you just didn’t know what to do? Well not anymore, because with these tips for energisers you will always have a trick up your sleeve.

What are energisers

Energisers are short, often goofy exercises, to invigorate participants in a creative session. They can help to break the ice, get everybody back in focus and keep spirits up. They are mostly used in time-framed design exercises such as brainstorms, creative sessions and design sprints.

Where’s the energy!?

Why you should use energisers

There are different reasons why you should use energisers:

  • To energize…

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