Last Thursday, I gave a presentation at AppGrowthSummit LA, the topic is about growth model. After the meeting, I got multiple requests for the slides, and decided to share it with broader audience here.

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Think the presentation as an extension and upgrade of my medium posts on how to build a growth model Part (1) and Part (2).

Growth model has benefit my work tremendously, in both day to day execution and strategy thinking. It provided a framework to look beyond the details and noises and understand the big picture.

I hope you find this helpful.

Short term win vs. Long term win

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1) When you do growth experiments, short term win = better results, long term win= the learning about customer, channel or market that will allow you to come out more experiment ideas

2) When you trouble shoot an issue, short term win = find the cause and fix it, long term win = diagnose what went wrong with the organizational machine that caused the problem to happen

3) When you build a startup or work on a challenging initiative, short term win = you achieved the goal, long term win = you built a dream team that can make anyting happen

To get to long term win: think about how you can consistenly have short term win

Long term win is how you can scale winning

Just had a day full of learning and inspirations at GrowthHackers Conference 2017 in Los Angeles, and wanted to share my top 4 lessons with you.

For those who are interested, I wrote a post about lessons from GrowthHackers Conference 2016, check it out here.

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Lesson #1 Growth Hacking is and is not …

If you tell someone you work on growth, you might still get questions like what is that? How is it different from marketing? Sean’s talk summarized it well.

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Sean Ellis “Breaking the Myths of Growth Hacking”

First of all, growth hacking is not just tricks and tactics or silver bullets: everything must be tested with clear hypothesis; Secondly, traditional marketing focus more on external channels, landing pages & emails, while growth-hacking test levers across whole customer journey; Finally, you don’t have to know how to code to be a growth hacker: dev skill is helpful but not critical, it can be acquired via including a developer in the growth team. …


VP Growth @Acorns. Book Author. Formerly Product Manager for Growth @Growthhackers Everyday I live in the world of data, growth and product, some nights too

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