The irony is that honest pieces like this one get traction only when you’re already some…
Kishore Pisapati

kishore, you are absolutely right about this. i wasn’t kidding when i said ‘don’t write to help others.’ i’m actually trying to figure things out for myself, trying to get under the competing impulses i have, not just here, on medium, but more generally, as a ‘writer.’

we could be scribbling away in our separate corners of the world, writing in our composition books quietly, but we’re not. you’re here, i’m here. we have some kind of community, but what does that mean? do we have an obligation to the community? what is that obligation?

i honestly have no idea why i have all these followers (don’t get me wrong, though: i am so happy to have an audience, and i did put some thought into how i might develop a readership). but now that i do, should i be…entertaining everyone somehow? giving people advice? what if i don’t have any advice to give? i’m struggling with this, as you see. the minute you throw your hat in the ring, it’s game on. what’s the game, though? what’s the goal? is it to drum up interest? to build a following? or is it about something more pure, more noble than that; about expression? can it be all of that at once?

anyway, i could go on and on about this, but i will stop. you’re a talented, thoughtful writer, kishore. i’m glad you’re here. thank you for reading.