The 1,000 Medium recommendations challenge
Aris Pilitsopoulos

thanks for getting in touch, aris…and good luck with the project. i’m interested to see what you find. i’ve been active on medium for less than a year. ali mese’s early work helped me understand some of the whys and hows behind the platform (this is a good place to start:

in terms of the lighthouse, three things: 1). the audience a writer brings to medium is everything (as in, if they have a following already on one of the social media sites, especially facebook, that often translates to eyeballs and recommends), 2). if a piece scores a ‘medium staff’ recommend, or already has one when it is acquired by a publication, it helps a great deal, and 3). if a piece gets the attention of medium folks with big medium-followings this drives traffic (like an ev williams or someone).

best of luck, aris!

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