Hardworking Michiganders say Trump would be a ‘disaster’ for our economy

Donald Trump returned to Michigan last week — this time to Dimondale, near Lansing.

In many ways, the greater Lansing region is pure Michigan at its best. It’s home to General Motors plants and workers whose jobs were saved by President Obama’s auto industry rescue. People here have seen the power of unions and the positive ways Democratic leadership helps everyday people get ahead.

Trump has infamously said he would have let the auto industry fail and has suggested that we ship Michigan manufacturing jobs to other states with lower wages. That’s why when he came to town, local labor leaders and hardworking people were quick to deliver a clear message:

Trump would be a disaster for Michigan, and we’re with Hillary Clinton.

Gathered outside where Trump would hold his rally to show our support for Hillary Clinton and let Trump know he has no business returning to Michigan.

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