Hillary Clinton, the Community Organizer

Recognize anyone in that photo? A young community organizer named, Hillary Clinton.

Does the phone look familiar? Hillary, chatting with voters.

And that pen? Is how data collection happened before computers.

Hillary Clinton knows the importance of organizing because she was a community organizer on the successful campaign for President Jimmy Carter. Now our nominee for the highest office in all of the land, Hillary Clinton has proven experience across the board and she knows what it’s like to get your start in politics from the ground up. Organizers have a direct voter contact line and handle one of the most important jobs in the campaign: ensuring people vote on Election Day! Organizers have the opportunity to listen to people’s stories of why they care so passionately about Hillary Clinton and they also have the chance to persuade some people lagging behind in history. The voters heading to the ballots on November 8th are the people who elect our next President and as an organizer you have the chance to make that happen. Hillary Clinton understand how impactful organizers are because she once was a community leader! From now until November, Hillary for Michigan will be featuring an organizer every Friday in a Medium article. We think it’s important to showcase the people on the ground and we are excited to hear your stories. Use the #MISheCan on Twitter and we will select our organizer that way.

Want to meet some of your community organizers? Sign up here to volunteer in your local campaign office, where you will be greeted by organizers ready to get to work!