Seven reasons why Tim Kaine will fight for Michiganders

Tim Kaine is coming to Grand Rapids this Friday, August 5!

Here at Hillary for Michigan, we’re so excited to work with Tim Kaine to build a better future for our state. Tim Kaine’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to help build an economy that works for all Michiganders and keep our families safe. He believes in building bridges, not walls.

Check out these seven reasons why Tim Kaine will be an advocate for Michigan as the next Vice President, and RSVP to see him in Grand Rapids this Friday.

  1. Like Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine is a progressive who likes to get things done. He’s spent much of his career fighting for social justice with a strong Midwestern work ethic and winning on the issues that matter to our families.

2. As the son of a teacher and an ironworker, Tim Kaine knows to put working families first. He has been a staunch advocate for raising the minimum wage and securing equal pay, and with Hillary Clinton he will help pave the way for stronger families in Michigan.

3. Tim Kaine has fought against discriminatory housing and spent 17 years as a lawyer representing people denied housing. Together with Hillary Clinton, we can connect housing to opportunity.

4. Tim Kaine prioritizes early childhood and higher education. A recent report ranked Michigan’s education system 40th in the nation. Our schools desperately need attention — and Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will lead us there.

5. He has proven experience as an civil rights lawyer, governor, and senator. As governor, Tim Kaine led Virginia to be the best state in the country for business AND children. That’s the kind of leadership we need for the whole country.

6. Tim Kaine defends women’s reproductive rights and health care access for everyone. Too many women in Michigan are uninsured or in need of better coverage. Tim Kaine is a seasoned fighter for reproductive health care and will advocate for Michigan women.

7. Tim Kaine knows strengthening our democracy means fighting to protect voting rights and voter access. Michigan is one of the many states facing measures that are making it harder to vote. As governor and senator, Tim Kaine has focused on voters’ rights and will fight to make our voices heard through the democratic process.

Ready to help elect Tim Kaine as our next Vice President? Want to hear more on how he’ll work for Michigan? Then join him this Friday in Grand Rapids! RSVP here.