100 Stories: Jamie Stone

Jamie was a Bernie supporter in the primary, but she’s supporting Hillary because she knows that Hillary will fight for her family. She’s learned about Hillary’s history of championing issues that matter to families. She knows Hillary has taken time to listen and create policy to address the issues that affect her most, so Jamie’s making sure that we put Hillary in the White House.

This election, the issues at stake for me are those that affect my family. I spend $300 a week for two days of daycare for my three kids, which is ridiculously expensive for how much money I make. It is a ridiculous amount of money for anyone who is working. I have student loans, and I pay way too much interest. My interest rate is actually more than my mortgage rate. It’s completely unfair.

Health care is also a huge issue for me. I lost my dad to cancer last year. The amount of money he was paying for his chemo treatments was unbelievable. Honestly, I think it made him very discouraged to continue treatment. Back in the 90s, Hillary was fighting for affordable health care. She actually helped pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

But I don’t really know what Trump’s health care plan is. All he says is that he is going to replace the Affordable Care Act, which I don’t agree with. My kids are on Medicaid right now. They’ve been on Medicaid since they were born. Would he be completely ending Medicare and Medicaid? What would that mean for families like us?

I have two daughters and a son. When I hear Donald Trump and the way he disrespects women, it really infuriates me. Little girls today already have a hard enough time because there are such high expectations for women and how they look. I don’t want my girls to grow up that way. I don’t want my son to grow up in a culture where he thinks that it is acceptable to judge a woman by the way that she looks. Is she going to be a good business partner because of the way she looks? Is she going to be a good president because of the way she looks? I don’t want that type of culture for my kids. It’s unacceptable.

Bernie was always about the ordinary Americans, specifically families and people like me. I grew up in a blue collar family. My husband and I are working class folks. Bernie spoke to people like us. The more I’ve learned about Hillary, though, the more I have realized that she’s fought for people like me for her entire career.

On the other hand, it’s clear that Donald Trump’s entire family and anyone in his organization has no clue what people like me go through. He says his father gave him a “very small loan” of one million of dollars — that is insulting to me. He has no idea what kind of money that is for somebody like me. That is not a very small loan. That’s a huge amount of money.

I would love to see the Trump family switch places with me for a year and see what they can buy on my salary. We’ll see how they do.

He has no clue what it’s like for people like me. He can’t relate to me.

But Hillary relates to us. I read a letter that Hillary wrote to the millennials. Her core message was, ‘I understand what you are thinking right now. I get it. I see what you guys are facing in the future and we are going to take these steps to get there.’ Her article made me feel like she was more of a human than a political figure. And it really softened her for me. It made me feel hopeful again.

For people like me here in North Carolina, where we are a swing state, it is extremely important that Hillary gets elected — it’s extremely important. There is no other option because I know if I vote for a third party, and if there are enough people in my state that vote for a third party, then there is a possibility that Hillary would lose this state. That’s a big deal when it comes to electoral votes.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for some, but the more you learn about her the more you learn about the good she’s done in the past to help this country. The more you will realize that she is a decent person.

A couple weeks ago, Bernie Sanders posted on Instagram a picture of him and Hillary talking behind the stage after a rally. They were having a really genuine conversation. They were laughing. It made her a person, not a political figure. That made me more turned-on to her.

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